Book Review: Wings by Aprilynne Pike

Laurel is a fifteen year old girl that has moved to a new town with her adoptive parents. There is no bad blood between her and her parents; nothing but warm love. Although Laurel has some weird eating habits and has yet to . . . develop in a woman, she is a normal girl . . . to the eye.

One day she gets a bump on her back. That bump grows and turns into a flower which turns into wings.

Now . . . when I initially saw this book I had zero interest. I picked it up because this series is quite popular. But I didn’t like it. The book was slow and the characters seem to be one dimensional. I understand that in a series book two or three answers questions but to be honest there was no questions that really needed to be answered but why was Laurel with the human world.

Although there was a bit of an action scene that involves the human boy Laurel is not sure if she just want to be friends with (-.-) and the fairy who was not only her best friend before she left but was someone that loves/loved her. Laurel has feelings for her human friend but also cannot deny the connection between her fairy. Although at the end of the book she chooses the human . . . you don’t need to read the next two books to know how it boils down.

I feel that the author tried to make Laurel’s story exciting but the fire wasn’t there. This book gets a 6 out of 10. The potential was there and it was frustrating that the author wasn’t able to follow through.


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