Book Review: Help for the Haunted by John Searles

       William Morrow   Published Sept, 17 2013           368 Pages
William Morrow
Published Sept, 17 2013
368 Pages

In the middle of the night Sylvie Mason is pulled out of bed by her mother and father to go to an old church outside of their small town. Use to the random things happening at night, Sylvie has no worries as she sleeps in the back of the car waiting for her parents to return, only to be awakened by the sound of gun shots.

A year later Sylvie is living with her sister; who is suffering the lost of her parents by not telling everything that happened and pretty much treating her sister like crap.

This story was great in the beginning but fell short to keep the thrill. Sylvie is 15 years old but she acts more like she is 13. Too shy, too quiet, too passive to be strong enough to deal with what happens in the book. How the author made her do it, I have no idea.  But she really doesn’t have a bad bone.

But what I liked about the book was the different point of views and the back and forth between past and present. You were able to understand her parents and even her sister who is completely messed up in every which way possible.

I also liked the build up. It took a while and there really wasn’t a lot of action considering that you’re trying to find out who truly killed your parents but it wasn’t bad. However, none of the characters were really remember-able and they did nothing to enhance the book.

A huge downfall; adding another character to the story the last two chapters.  I have no idea why that was done. The ending just seemed to have no thought and too easy for me. Also didn’t like the fact that the daughter had no connection to what her parents did for a living. She had no interest at all and could care less if it wasn’t for her parents’ death.

Overall the book gets 7 out of 10. I expected more action or at least more thrill since technically her parents were ghost hunters so to speak.




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