Quick Five© with Lizzy Ford

    Courtesy of Lizzy Ford
Courtesy of Lizzy Ford

Name: Lizzy Ford

Who is Lizzy? Veteran writer with a taste of travel and all things outside of the box

Books: Rhyn Trilogy, Witchling Series, War of Gods Series, Incubatti, and Rhyn Eternal Series

Website: http://www.guerrillawordfare.com

Buy: Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Itunes, Smashwords, Sony , Wattpad & Kobo


Every once in a while you meet an author so filled of knowledge and excitement it just makes your day. Lizzy Ford has written over 17 books and is still writing. Not many authors these days have longevity like that and it was Motif Ink’s pleasure to have Tania Lasenburg interview Lizzy to find out what makes her tick.


Enjoy the Quick Five© below


With 17 books under your belt how does that feel? Do you feel that you’re at the top of your game or do you feel you still need (not want) to grow?

I feel like I’m just getting started. Hahaha! I’m always growing, always learning more about my craft, marketing and re-evaluating what I’m doing to continue to improve. I constantly challenge myself to write differently and to find new ways of reaching new audiences. I feel like, if I stop growing, I stop selling.


What is it about Young Adult that you love? Do you feel any restrictions in the YA genre or are

                Indie Ink   To Be Published Oct. 22, 2013            E-Book 196 Pages
Indie Ink
To Be Published Oct. 22, 2013
E-Book 196 Pages

you comfortable with the guidelines of YA?

Honestly? I’ve only written two Young Adult series. The rest of my books are a mix of sweet paranormal romance and non-sweet paranormal romance for adults. I’ve never read YA books since leaving high school, except for those of my indie colleague Julia Crane. She’s the one who got me into writing YA.

I don’t feel any restrictions in YA at all. It’s kind of funny. I didn’t know there were restrictions until after the first three Witchling books were published. Then people told me that you’re not supposed to do X, Y, and Z. I just laugh. I’m a non-conformist at heart. I write what FEELS natural, and if that violates the unwritten rules of YA, then so be it. I’d rather be true to the story and characters than follow rules that don’t really make sense to me to start off with haha!

What keeps you passionate about writing?

I’ve always had a crazy-active imagination and always been super shy. So it was natural, I think, that I gravitated towards a way of expressing myself that didn’t require people skills, since I’m a bit socially awkward. Ha! I have so many ideas, so many stories going on in my head at once, that I can’t imagine not being a writer.

How has your life in Southern Arizona shaped your writing, not only skills but the actual stories?

I’m not entirely certain. I’ve lived here about two and a half years. I’ve moved around a lot in my lifetime, so I never really grew roots anywhere. Traveling has introduced me to a lot of new people, new customs, and new subcultures and also, new places, all of which end up in my books at some point!


Finally, you’ve been writing for some time what advise would you give to those who are trying to get into the writing industry for more than just a single book or series?

Here’s a few!


  • Persevere. True success is built over time.
  • Never stop writing.
  • Being an author isn’t about the sales – it’s about the connections you build with others through your stories.
  • Never let someone else make you doubt your books or yourself. Just write.
  • Follow your gut when it comes to writing.
  • Always remember that it’s what the reader thinks that matters – not what the industry or industry professionals tell you to write or how to write it. If readers love it, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.
  • Think outside the box in every way from your genre to your marketing. If people tell you it can’t be done – do it anyway.



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