Book Review: Fracture by Megan Miranda

     Walker Childrens Published Jan. 5, 2012             262 Pages
Walker Childrens
Published Jan. 5, 2012
262 Pages

So so reads make me feel like I wasted time.

Delaney Maxwell falls through ice and it took 11 minutes for her to be recused by her best friend. By time she was found she was dead and yet by some miracle she woke with seemly no issues. But Delaney knows different . . . she knows that she is drawn towards those who are going to die but has no idea why that is the case.

But she doesn’t stay in the dark because Troy (stalker) has the same abilities as her and Delaney falls in love -. – but then things begin the change and Delaney has to see what Troy really intends to do with his life as well as those they are drawn to.

This wasn’t a bad book but it also wasn’t as great as everyone made it out to be. Delaney is boring, dramatic 17 year old girl who doesn’t know if she wants to make out with everyone in the town or be with her best friend, who is just as equally annoying and dramatic. They are both stupid. Throughout the entire book they never admit anything they feel towards each other til Delaney almost dies . . . again.

I didn’t enjoy the fact that there was a lot of running around regarding love interest. Delaney meets Troy, who she is attracted to and begins to attach herself to him when she finds out her best friend kissed a girl Delaney happens to dislike. Delaney and Troy hook up and Delaney feels fire but two chapters later she feels fire with the friend; fickle women, young or old, kill books.

There are two things that saved this book and they were Troy and the writing itself. You knew something was wrong Troy other than the fact he is drawn to the dying but there was a curiosity about him and to be honest I rather Delaney pick him. He wasn’t too special but he also had reason for why he did what he did.

The writing was sharp and the story was well written. The details weren’t drawn out or too complicated. I cannot complain about how she wrote the story only the story itself.

When I first picked up this book people were explaining how there was a magically element to this book. Nope. Do not get me wrong there was a phenomenon with Delaney and Troy but there was no real magic. For a lack of a better term, her brain got twisted and made her a bit of a psychic knowing when someone was going to die. I really don’t see how magic plays into that.

So overall, this book get 5 out of 10. No intentions of reading the second one nor will I probably fully remember this story.

Love, Pickles.

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