Graphic Novel Review: Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol

Anya is a Russian American that has a hard time fitting in. Unhappy with her popularity status, unhappy with the way she looks, embarrassed by her family and embarrassed by her

         First Second    Published June 7, 2011          221 Pages
First Second
Published June 7, 2011
221 Pages

heritage, Anya just has it “rough”. While ditching school she falls in a well and meets a ghost who has become attached to her so to speak. A first Anya is completely against having a ghost by her side but when her grades pick up and the boy she is interested in begins to notice her she decides maybe its a good idea to have a ghost around.

I actually really liked this graphic novel. Firstly, the story wasn’t what I expected. Most ghost stories involve a human and a ghost becoming the best of friends trying to find out how and why the ghost was murdered or they involve some unfinished business. Neither are the case and that is what makes the book great. Almost nothing predictable happens. However, at this same time not only does Anya not learn anything of a huge significance, the book feels to be missing something. Maybe a strong realization from any of the characters or even an explosive ending. As well as the story was there was nothing off about it.

As for the art . . .very nice. Nothing too simple but nothing too complicated either. You see that Brosgol has extreme talent not only as a writer but as a artist. Also there is diversity; no two characters look alike in any form and that is extremely appreciated. The book was done in color so it added more appeal to the story and it stepped out the traditional black and white.

For a debut graphic novel, it was done with next to none flaws. Overall this graphic novel gets 9 out of 10. Short, entertaining read.


Love, Pickles

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