Kindle Review: What She Didn’t Know by I. Ronik

      Self-Published    Published Dec. 8, 2013        36 Pages Kindle
Published Dec. 8, 2013
36 Pages Kindle

Adult ONLY

Cassie has been looking after her sister, Jessica,  all her life. This includes her approving or disapproving the men in her life. When Jessica begins dating someone that Cassie feels is a threat, Cassie decides it is time to meet him.

Jessica sets up a double date with her man, his cousin and Cassie. Come to find out that his cousin is Cassie’s boss who not only wants Cassie but has a dark secret to reveal.

This book was a surprise and a half. Before I begin to explain you have to understand that this is a parody.

I didn’t know this book was a parody at first. So I was taken back because the characters were so wrong (hahaha). Cassie is the smart good girl, that works at a bookstore,who is not as attractive as her sister (so she says). Jessica is the beautiful girl that goes after rich men.

The sisters are close; Jessica comes to Cassie for advice and Cassie voices her opinion and support. This was a breath of fresh air to have two sisters although totally different and it doesn’t feel like there is resentment between the two. Yeah, Cassie seems annoyed by her sister’s men but nothing makes me believe it is toward Jessica.

What makes this book funny is Cassie and the ridiculousness of her relationship with her boss. Yeah you got your steamy sex scenes but the writing just like Cassie and her boss are a bit immature and too hard to believe. The love is too at first sight, paranormal aspect of it is seriously completely out there you can’t help but laugh as you read it. The boss is a sap which is completely unexpected because he begins as the not too aggressive extremely sexy alpha male.

The author laid it on thick and made a point of laughing at the typical romantic paranormal novels.

Overall I loved this short story and it gets: 5 Pickles

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