Book Review: Poison Dance: A Novella (Midnight Thief 0.5) by Livia Blackburne

       Lion's Quill Press  Published Sept 24, 2013             86 Pages
Lion’s Quill Press
Published Sept 24, 2013
86 Pages

* Received this Arc from the author, Livia Blackburne, in exchange for an honest review*

James is a deadly assassin working for the Assassin’s Guild and has been since he was 14. He is the best at what he does and that s why Thalia seeks him out. Thalia is a dancer seeking a way to avenge her sister’s death. Agreeing to help Thalia only if she helps him find a way out of the Assassin’s Guild, James is on the thin line of life and death.

The story was a simple and uncomplicated. This is not a bad thing it actually made the story so much more interesting because it wasn’t filtered with over complicated characters or romance. James is an assassin nothing hidden about that. When Thalia finds him he shows that he is not the typical brute but he also shows that he has common sense. Although he is attracted to Thalia he doesn’t let that over cloud his thoughts.

Thalia wasn’t a bad character either. Sensible, determined and realistic. She knows she doesn’t know how to kill to man and she knows the man that she wants to kill is a politically important man but she isn’t doing anything stupid or rushed.

I really loved the fact that the book was realistic and it wasn’t done with a lot of cheesy quotes or cliches. There is a romance between James and Thalia but it doesn’t over power the book at all and it makes me sad that the book Midnight Thief has nothing to do with the two.

However, what I didn’t like about the book was it felt a bit rushed. It is understood that there are limits to a novella but I wanted so much more! I wanted to know more about James and why he went with Thalia a lot easier than I thought. I wanted to know more about Thalia’s childhood.  But this isn’t such a bad thing because as an author you want your readers to want more. *sigh* I wish it was longer though.

Overall score: 5 Pickles

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