Book Review: Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Ecco Published May 13, 2014 262 Pages
Published May 13, 2014
262 Pages

The news is constantly showing outrageous reports but when the news begins to constantly repeat the same reports, life gets to real when the unthinkable happens right outside the house door. 

People are no longer opening their eyes to look outside. The only thing anyone can do is stay inside. Malorie raises two children the best that she can in this condition but enough is enough.

In order to live, in order to survive Malorie must leave the house and follow blindly to something that may not even no longer exist.

This was a really hard read. But that is not to say it didn’t have some good points.

Josh Malerman is like the master of suspense because that is all this book is. I kept reading because I was hoping we would find out what was going on. I kept reading to find a huge climax that changes the world. The author wrote the story as if all these things was going to happen but nothing did.

It was  a huge tease but the author wrote it so well I had no choice but to finish the book to try to get the satisfaction that I was looking for. This never came. I am still sitting here wondering what the heck was going on this book because you just don’t know. The vagueness of this book kills the beautiful writing in this book.

The author did an amazing job creating a story that centralizes a crisis that involves everyone becoming blind. It was really creative but it lacked so much more. This is end of the world and nothing was exciting, moving or scary for the most part. This book reminded me of a M. Night Shyamalan movie.

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