Book Review: The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty by Amanda Filipacchi

W. W. Norton & Company Published Feb. 16, 2015 336 Pages
W. W. Norton & Company
Published Feb. 16, 2015
336 Pages

A group of friends living in the middle of New York City have to deal with beauty standards but in a completely different way. Barb is a strikingly beautiful costume designer but makes herself ugly in hopes of finding true love. Lily, (apparently) is ugly and although she is an amazing artist she cannot find love. 

Between discovering the beauty within themselves and they love they desperately desire, a murder needs to be solved.

Beautiful and amazing title. Even after reading this book, I still cannot get over how power this title is.

But I cannot say that the book was as powerful as the words that caught me. Barb is so not a woman I would like and its not because of her beauty but because she feels that it is okay to call men out on the shallowness but not her own. Yea, she is shallow; her reasons for “becoming ugly” aren’t the same reasons she is doing it now.

I have another issue with this book because the author describes Lily as so ugly surgery wouldn’t even help her.


I am so bothered by the descriptions of women and just love in general that I couldn’t get past it. Do I think the author is bringing something original to the literature world? Yes, I really do.  Do I wish it was written in a way where I didn’t feel some type of way about the characters? Yes, I do.

As much as I wanted to get into this book. I couldn’t.  It breaks my heart.

No Rating.

DNF (Did not finish)


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