NetGalley Review: Highlander Redeemed (Guardians Of The Targe #3)

Montlake Romance Published May 12, 2015 262 Pages
Montlake Romance
Published May 12, 2015
262 Pages

Scotia MacAlpin is looked at as trouble. When a terrible incident left someone dead and her put her clan into a war she has been shunned by her family and looked as a burden. Upset that she is in the shadow of her more successful sister, a Guardian, Scotia is determined to fix the wrong and find a relic for her English king.

Duncan has been looking out for Scotia since she was a baby, so it is nothing to him to be put on guard duty. Duncan decides to help Scotia become a skillful warrior but things get complicated when he begins to see her as a woman she is.

Scotia is a hard-headed brat and she made this book a difficult read. She screws up big time and literally everyone hates her for it except Duncan. She’s impulsive and unapologetic for her actions. She isn’t 18, she’s 8.

Ducan is the stereotypical dark and mysterious man that is loyal to the clan and also fierce with his love. He really didn’t bring anything new to the table and I didn’t actually feel there was love between the two. It felt more like this girl I knew as a kid grew up to be an attractive woman. It was a failed attempt at romance for me.

What I liked about the novel was the story-line of a girl trying to redeem herself and come to find out she isn’t just a reckless individual but she actually may be extremely important. I also enjoyed the pace of the novel but I couldn’t get into it like I wanted to.

Short review I know but there is really nothing else to say about the book. Although it was the third book you really didn’t feel like you was missing something. So reading book three and not one or two wouldn’t be horrible.

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