NetGalley Review: Black Beauty by Constance Burris

Big Eye Publications Published Sept. 29, 2015 176 Pages
Big Eye Publications
Published Sept. 29, 2015
176 Pages

Vista Apartment Complex is holding a well-known secret. Do not do business with Crazy Jade, the voodoo witch, or your life will become in ruins.

But despite these warnings there are people in the neighborhood who still flock to Crazy Jade like Ashley, Shemeya and Latreece. 

*Short Review for the Short Story

Everyone knows I have a mostly hate relationship with short stories. If you don’t know I have no idea why I don’t really like them but most of the time I don’t.

Therefore it is surprising that I actually like this one. Each story connected to one central theme; obviously Crazy Jade but also to a bigger story. I thought it was great.

The Vista Apartment Complex was like a small town [that is exactly how it truly is in real life]; everyone knows everyone and secrets are fairly hard to keep. I love the fact that Burris was able to bring that feeling in the stories.

Loved, loved, loved the fact that the author choose to write a book about magic and fae with black characters. This isn’t seen enough and it isn’t done right most of the time. This time it was perfect. The characters weren’t as stereotypical as I thought they would be when I first started reading the book. They were as realistic as one can be when they are involved with magic.

What I didn’t like was how some of the stories ended. It could have been cleaned up a lot better. They felt rushed.

Overall, I enjoyed this.

4 Pickles

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