Book Review: The Fox and the Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith

Penguin Books Published Aug. 27, 2015 64 Pages
Penguin Books
Published Aug. 27, 2015
64 Pages

A friendship is formed between a lonely fox and a star that guides his way through a threatening forest.  When the star disappears, fox hides in the dark alone wishing for his only friend. 

After a while, enough is enough and the fox goes to find the star, only to find something just as beautiful as his friend.

When I picked up this book at the bookstore, I thought it was one of the most beautiful books I picked up. The cover was a soft hardcover, carefully drawn in. The illustrations was bright and detailed. . . it was beautiful.

But the story was incomplete and it was extremely disappointing. Firstly, by the description of the story (not reading the page count on goodreads) I thought this was going to be a long story . . . at least 200 words.  No. It is 64 pages and not all of the pages actually tell the story. I would not have a problem with this is the story was longer and if the ending actually meant something to me.

This book is considered something of a fairy tale but I don’t see a real moral to it. Yes, the fox steps out his comfort zone but and . . .??? So what? The book literally just ends with what is supposed to be interpreted as a happy ending. But it is just a ending, with no real emotion coming out of it.

You are sucked in instantly by the beauty of this book and you are waiting for an adventure even if it is a small one. But although the fox leaves his comfort zone it felt like he went around the block and came back.

I wanted some much more from a book that got so much hype.

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