Book Review: Bright Blaze of Magic (Black Blade #3) by Jennifer Estep

Kensington To Be Published April 26, 2016 368 Pages
To Be Published April 26, 2016
368 Pages

Lila wants Victor Draconi, the man that killed her mother and wants to destroy every Sinclair, dead. And although being a thief has helped her thus far, killing the most dangerous man in her world will be a lot harder than smart talking Lila may be able to handle.

This series is one of those series magic lovers should read.  If you haven’t read the series, check out my review for book one here and then check out book two.

I am actually glad this book has ended but not in the ‘Oh thank goodness it is done’ but in the what spin off is the author going to do. I thought this was a well written and entertaining final book but I did have my issues.

My issue was Lila. She was annoying and it felt like she was trying to hard. Not the author, which is weird because the author is the one that wrote Lila but still. Lila was trying to keep that hard ass girl with a soft heart routine too much and throughout the story it just got too much to not roll my eyes at.

The thing about this book is a lot happens really fast to the point where you are scratching your head wondering where the story is going? Estep didn’t disappoint but despite the fast moving/constant issues, the book in a whole was a slow read. At one point I felt the author was doing too much; not that the book was complicated, because it wasn’t, but there was so much going on that kept making Lila the end all be all and it was unbelievable, I guess. It felt like a stretch.

I do wish there was more mythology in this book and the series overall.

What I did like about this book was the surrounding characters, even though they proved to be weak. *Kanye Shrug* I loved the plot, although I wish this was more of group effort and not a one woman show. I also loved the fact that the romance didn’t take over the story and ruin the lives of the characters.

Despite it all this was a good series and I recommend it. I also hope there is a spin-off . . . it feels like there will be a spin-off.

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