Book Review: Mildred’s Resistance (The Network Series 0.5) by Katie Cross

Antebellum Publishing Published July 15, 2015 380 Pages
Antebellum Publishing
Published July 15, 2015
380 Pages

Mildred Graeme is a witch but unlike her best friend Evelyn, practicing magic doesn’t come easy. When the two friends reunite they begin to clash with their ideas of making the world a better place.  While Mildred wants to save the Network from political elitism, Evelyn wants to encourage it.

When Evelyn gains power and threatens life as Mildred knows it, she must overcome her fear of failure to save the ones she loves, even at the cost of her best friend. 

This is a prequel to The Network Series. The first book of the series was good. You can check my review for it here.

Let’s jump right into this. Reading the prequel made me want to read the first book over again. So many things just made sense at this point and I am kind of bummed I didn’t real the prequel first.

Although I liked it, this story did drag a bit. I completely understand how the author was trying to show the difference between Mildred and Evelyn but I wanted more emotion out of Mildred, even when everything was said and done. She was a bore; intelligent and good at what she does but she was still a bore.

What I liked about this book was the back and forth between characters. I liked their different points of views and also how the author made sure to highlight their lifestyle differences. It added to the whole everything making sense thing. The interweaving of their stories was perfect and the transitions were great. I did want more color and life to the overall story; just a little more excitement would have given this book a higher rating.

Character development was good but Mildred still needed some work. Something about her didn’t seem genuine/real and that was my biggest issue with her. But overall, I enjoyed it and may reread the first book since I know more.

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