Book Review: A Mortal Song by Megan Crewe

Another World Press To Be Published Sept. 13, 216 382 Pages
Another World Press
To Be Published Sept. 13, 216
382 Pages

As the heir to Mt. Fjui, Sora feels that it is time to take on more responsibility as a sacred kami. But on the day of her birthday, when she decides to speak with her parents, a ghostly army attacks the mountain. 

Barely making an escape, Sora seeks out a woman who reveals a secret that Sora isn’t the real heir and is actually a human changeling and the real heir is living as a human. It is now Sora’s job to train her in order to save the mountain and the ones she love.  

Before anything. . .  That cover though!

*short review*

So, I loved the concept of this story. I normally don’t see books from the human perspective in regards to changelings. I liked the fact the author decided to be creative on that angle. Sora for the most part could have been a bit more personable but she wasn’t a bad character and she help the book flow rather well.

I wanted more mythology in this book. It would have been perfect if there was more depth and history as opposed to drama and conflicting feelings. However, despite that the pace of the novel was great, twists and turns moved well and character development was present.

Something in the novel was missing between the history/mythology, depth from Sora and most importantly Sora is 17 years old but you would not have thought that. I feel that there should have been some kind of level of maturity at 17 years old. I saw her more as 15 years old.

Overall, wasn’t a bad read; fairly quick. But there is a lot of potential in this even as a second book.

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