Book Review: You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott

Little Brown Published July 26, 2016 352 Pages
Little Brown
Published July 26, 2016
352 Pages

Eric and Katie want the best for their 15-year-old gymnastics prodigy and Olympic hopeful daughter and have given their lives for her and her dream. But when a death hits the close-knit gymnastic community. secrets spill out and hidden agendas are discovered. Katie, unwillingly finds herself drawn to the crime, as she tries to hold her family together. 

*Short Review*

I picked this book solely because of the author. I really enjoyed her book, Dare Me (click here for review), so I went straight for this.  Abbott has an interesting style of writing as she takes down difficult topics involving teenagers and adults. Unlike Dare Me, this book wasn’t as intense or surprising. It dragged with Katie’s monotone voice and overall dipping into the past to explain the present wasn’t as successful as other books.

I didn’t care for this book. It was missing intensity, strong emotion and a better scenery or at least a better description of the scenery.  The characters didn’t provide the need support and it came off as if they were there for show. Their involvement wasn’t strong enough to keep the book moving.

The book was okay. It could have been way better than what it was. I was disappointed in this read but I there is another book by this author that is in my TBR pile. So, no hard feelings.

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