The Heartless City (The Gold and Gaslight Chronicles #1) by Andrea Berthot

Curiosity Quills Press Published Aug. 17, 2015 241 Pages
Curiosity Quills Press
Published Aug. 17, 2015
241 Pages

Henry Jekyll is an amazing doctor that was desperate to save the world he ended up creating a new species of monsters. For years, he was able to keep this secret to himself… that is until he decided to tell his rich friends. In the end, his drug was mass produced into a pill, creating monsters roaming the London streets resulting in a quarantine.

 13 years later, London is unrecognizable and still under quarantine. Elliot Morrissey, son of a prominent doctor and cure seeker, has had a freak accident of his own and now is able to feel everything from everyone he is around. He finds an ally in Iris Faye, a waitress who has some of her own special abilities.

Together they try to find, who is still make moves after the death of Jekyll.


*Short Review*


This wasn’t a bad read but it isn’t for me. I liked the beginning and I love the concept of this book. But its flare died down and I was shocked at how open and honest Elliot and Iris were to each other so soon. I thought their romance was cute but it was nothing that got my heart pumping and wanting to know more about.

The pace of the novel was only slow because of the tone; the dullness of it stayed throughout the book even when things were well. This killed the book for me because I felt nothing. I didn’t like Elliot. He was overly sensitive to the point where it was annoying and it made me doubt him as a leading character. I don’t mind sensitivity but have something to back it up with. Iris was alright. There nothing too spectacular about her that I am going to comment on. I wanted more development from the both of them. I feel that they remained the same throughout the book.

Despite that I thought it was a good story. It was a twist to a classic we all know and although the story was predictably from beginning to end, the author did do a good job highlighting a side that no one has thought of.

I wanted more intensity within this novel, less predictability, more character development and spark . . . a lot of spark in the romance. Overall, this wasn’t for me.

2.5 Pickles

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