Revisit Week: Out of Darkness by Ashley Hope Pérez

Carolrhoda Lab
Published Sept 1st, 2015
402 Pages

New London, Texas. 1937. Naomi Vargas and Wash Fuller know about the lines in East Texas as well as anyone. They know the signs that mark them.

“No Negroes, Mexicans, or dogs.”

They know the people who enforce them.

But sometimes the attraction between two people is so powerful it breaks through even the most entrenched color lines. And the consequences can be explosive. – Goodreads

This review will be less of a review but more of an emotional rant. I read this book when it was first released and it is still one of the most heart wrenching, emotional, empty out your tear ducts books I have ever read.

This book messed me up between anger and wtheck moments, I couldn’t put it down despite the emotional wreck I became. Ms. Perez created a realistic (that you cannot tell me is true in some form of way) story using historical references to tell a tale about a Mexican girl, her family and a black boy who falls for her. As simple as that description is that isn’t the whole story.

See the thing is there are some Mexicans that can pass for white and there are others who cannot. Ms. Perez made that “forbidden” topic such a big part in this book without actually saying it. I chalk this up to amazing writing. She was able to put so much into this book without slapping you in the face with it.

There was a sense of vulnerability within this book. It felt honest and open, which is why it touched me so much. The pace was perfect. You didn’t feel like you was missing something or that Ms. Perez was stretching the novel.

It was real from beginning to the most heartbreaking end, I have ever had to read. I thought this book was going to be extremely generic when I first started it but that thought quickly went away.

I highly recommend this book. Will I read it again? Probably not because I remember every details and I am emotional when I think about it.


5 Pickles. 

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