book overview 2019: The Disappointments

Part two of the four part book overview of 2019. If you haven’t taken the chance the look at the first post, which I display my favorite books and honorable mentions of the 2019, check it out here.

In this post, I listed some of my disappointed read of 2019. Oddly enough there was a lot and that could be due to me following the hype because one of my personal goals was to read more newer releases to keep up with the trends and hot topics. This caused expectations to be through the roof, which sucked.

But here is my list. What did your year look like?

5 thoughts on “book overview 2019: The Disappointments”

  1. I’m kinda sad to see “A Love Hate Thing” on there.. as I just bought it the other day.
    was there anything in particular that you despited in is, or just a case of “wasn’t for me” ?

    1. I didn’t like how the characters were portrayed. They were very cliche in regards to Black character and there wasn’t any real development or anything new brought to the romance world. I know I am late on this comment but have you read it yet?

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