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Book Review: Hokey Pokey by Jerry Spinelli

This is my first Jerry Spinelli book and it was a cute, pleasant surprise. Hokey Pokey is a place where there are no adults. But just because there are no adults doesn’t mean the place is ran in chaos; there are rules . . . simple rules like watch out for the huge sock pile it smells gross (lol). But things change for Jack, one of the bigger kids, when his bike is stolen . . . by a girl he hates. Everything is different for him at that point. His friends aren’t the same, he isn’t the same and most importantly, his feelings towards the most hated girl aren’t the same either.

This book is cute because Spinelli was able to make a book, for children or preteens into a book that is very much for an adult.  Getting your bike stolen or anything stolen for that matter is a life changer and Spinelli did a great job with the characters.

The book did dull down for a bit but it wasn’t hard to push through; all books have a slow moment in which you need to see the torture the main character or supporting characters are really going through. The ending was amazing. Not a single flaw in it. It was an aha! moment and it will have you smiling , thinking of your childhood. Wonderful fast read.

This books get a 10 out 0f 10. Spinelli did a great job with transitions and not leaving a single stone unturned.