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Book Review: Treasure, Darkly (Treasure Chronicles #1) by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

Curiosity Quills Press Published Feb. 15, 2015 289 Pages
Curiosity Quills Press
Published Feb. 15, 2015
289 Pages

Clark Treasure assumes that the drink he stills out the pockets of a Captain is absinthe; something his mother would never allow him to drink. But the drink turns out to be chemicals that give him the ability to wake the dead.

On the run from the army, Clark turns to his father, a man he has never met, for help. Surprisingly, the family he never knew, opens their arms to him and now Clark will do anything to protect them.

When his half-sister, Amethyst is shot in the heart, he saves her unhesitatingly but that is when the real troubles begin. 

I loved the cover. It gives off a sci-fi feel; like Cowboys verses Aliens type of feel. Therefore, I was a bit excited to read this book.

However, Amethyst was such a shallow ass, that I couldn’t believe she was the leading lady in this story. From the very beginning, you are so instantly turned off and you think she will get better in personality but no she doesn’t. She is a spoiled brat that only lets up very little throughout the book.

Clark wasn’t the best character either. Something about him didn’t actually make me believe he was a boy/man that had it rough. Let me clarify that; he wasn’t believable and that as rough to swallow because I needed a break from Amethyst.

The surrounding characters, however, played their part well and I couldn’t complain so it wasn’t an issue of writing that messed up the two mains but it was just a bad choice. I enjoyed the range of emotions within the surrounding characters. Like Clark, I was surprised with how open his father and step-mother were to having him there. But I didn’t think it was a bad look either.

Although I picked up the book and was pleased with the summary, I wasn’t too happy with the story. It was predictable. The author made the shocking secret too obvious by displaying a form of romance or interest from the very beginning. I feel that this story could have been cleaned up a lot better even though it followed very well and provided some kind of excitement.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy this read.

1 Pickle

Book Review: The Golden Apple (The Dark Forest #1) by Michelle Diener

Self- Published Published on March 24, 2014 298 Pages
Self- Published
Published on March 24, 2014
298 Pages

Kayla’s father decided to put his daughter to the highest bidding. By making her a prize in a impossible tournament and literally putting her in a glass box for all to see, deciding her fate and her husband was supposed to be easy.

But Kayla is not for that and chose her champion, taking control of the tournament and changing the rules for the game. Quickly Kayla realizes that by taking control of her fate, she put her life and her kingdom at stake. 

To save his brother’s life, Rane is willing to betray and use anyone including a more than willing Princess. But because of the Princess decision, Rana is involved in a more dangerous game that not only leaves the two fighting for their lives in the dark forest but also falling in love. 

This book is said to be loosely based off the fairy tale The Princess on the Glass Hill. I have never read it but I plan on it now. Also I need to say this. According to Goodreads, a lot of people didn’t like this book. I freaking loved it.

Let’s start with Kayla. She was a bit naive but that was not because that was her personality nor was it because she was locked in the castle but as a Princess there was certain experiences she didn’t experience.  This is understandable and more a preferred reason to being naive.  It didn’t dictate her personality, which is what I really loved.

I loved the fact that she wasn’t taking crap from anyone. She handle things with thought and cared for everyone around her. I’m not too sure how I feel about Rana but I actually believe his and Kayla feelings for each other. From beginning to end, it was there.

I enjoyed the pace of the novel, the magic and the romantic tension. What I didn’t like so much was how easy things were fixed. There was struggle and I understand Kayla’s part but she is a newbie and this book. Things shouldn’t have flown so easily for her. I wanted more struggle. I need more of a internal and external battle.

But other than that I loved this book.  But I am not 100% I will be reading the second one. Something just seems a little bit off about the summary.


4 Pickles

NetGalley Review: Dark Heart of Magic (Black Blade #2) by Jennifer Estep

Kensington To Be Published Oct. 27, 2015 368 Pages
Kensington Books
To Be Published Oct. 27, 2015
368 Pages

If you haven’t read the first book or need a refresher check out my review here.

Lila is a thief but standing to the shadows becomes an impossible task when the Sinclair family make their new guard (Lila) compete in the Tournament of Blades. 

Now Lila is up against Devon and others she care about while also trying to figure out the plot mobster Victor Draconi is creating to take down the Sinclair family. 

Is he the one killing murdering monsters around Cloudburst Falls or is it someone more sinister?

Book two was way better than book one and I applaud the author for that.

In book one my biggest issue was being able to spot the influence of three different books. I got over that because you really don’t notice it after the first book. However, I do get tired of teenagers fighting each other for the affection, love, protection or whatever for their parents or some kind of adult. This scene is extremely over used. But the author used it well to keep the story going and it was done well.

I still didn’t like Devon although he did grow up from the first book. He wasn’t as wide eyed innocent but it also wasn’t the best love interest either. I still feel that their romance is a bit forced even when Lila decided to take it to another level.

Lila grew as well and I felt that she has a better handle of her abilities and also of who she is. A lot of questions were answered and no it didn’t explain who Lila was but they were nice to know. Interestingly enough in the first book there wasn’t a need to have anything answered; even in book two there isn’t a need for it so it was a lovely bonus for me to find out somethings about her mom.

I did really enjoy the twist in the book. There was some predictability, but it wasn’t too much that I couldn’t enjoy the book. The author did a good job tying a bunch issues together into one bigger picture. It wasn’t too complicated in which someone can get lost but it was complicated enough to keep things exciting.

Despite the goods in this book the author lost points for the crappy ending. Oddly, enough I saw it coming and that was extremely disappointing.

I look forward to the last book.

3.5 Pickles

Book Review: Ultraviolet (Ultraviolet #1) by Jessica Sorensen

Published May 26, 2015
Published May 26, 2015

Nine years ago Mila was abandoned in field with no memory of her past but only visions of the future. Now 18 years, fresh out of high school, Mila and her best friend are going to embark on a road trip.

But when she sees a murder of a boy named Nyjah, a boy she has only seen in her dreams, she makes a stop to the place she was found in called Hollows Grove but quickly realize that she just made a deadly mistake.

*Quick Read*

For something that only took maybe less than an hour to read, it was a really good starting off point to a series.

What loved most about this book is it gets to the point. Mila isn’t a sheltered child who is scared of her visions. In actuality she embraces them and helps save those she loves from terrible disasters. I like Mila. She has a consciousness in regards to lying to her parents but she is smart enough not to open her mouth about it.

The pace of the novel was wonderful. I felt like something was important was constantly going on but it didn’t feel like the author was just trying to fluff it out until the good parts. I liked the relationship between Mila and her best friend; it felt genuine as well as Mila’s relationship with her parents.

Also the ending was a perfect cliff hanger.

My only issue would be the fact that it is too short. I am left wanting more but the waiting would may cause me to forget when the next read comes out.

Overall, this was a good quick read.

3.5 Pickles

Adult Book Review: Family Care by Jessa Callaver

Smashwords Published Sept. 14, 2013 129 Pages
Published Sept. 14, 2013
129 Pages

Adult Review Only****

18 year old Josie decided that during her senior spring break to babysit for a new but beloved family in town.  Although the Sharps seem like the perfect family they are hiding a secret that Josie just got in the middle of.

*Short Review*


I was completely aware that this was an erotic, new adult book. But I was completely unaware with how intense this book was or how fast the intensity was going to come.

I am not bothered by the sexual scenes because that is why I picked up the book (look at the cover).

I enjoyed this read but really only because of one thing. The author is very talented in details and invoking a scandal and oddly enough surprise. The way she was able to write this story without predictability blows my mind because the obvious was there.

Josie, along with the other characters didn’t have any personality. It was as if sex is what defined them and that bothered me because there was really nothing else to this book. Seriously, nothing. The ending was too easy and Josie, who I once I thought was naive, knew exactly what she wanted and what she was doing.

But I cannot help but like this book. Maybe this says some things about me *Kanye Shrugs*


4 Pickles

Book Review: Insanity (Mad in Wonderland #1) by Cameron Jace

CreateSpace Published Dec 19, 2013 254 Pages
Published Dec 19, 2013
254 Pages

Its been two years since the accidental killing of her classmates and Alice Wonder is a patient in the Radcliffe Lunatic Asylum. She knows she insane, so does everyone around her; except hookah-smoking Professor Caterpillar, who believes Alice can be proven sane if she helps find the modern day wonderland monsters.

Posing as a college student during the day and going back to asylum at night, Alice must find a monster, while also trying to decider what is sane and insane. 

The summary makes this book seem a bit lame. However, it is January 8, 2015 and this is the best book I have read so far this year.

Alice is going through a lot. Due to medications and shock therapy, she doesn’t remember anything about her past and for the most part she doesn’t really want to remember.  I liked Alice because what made her special wasn’t the fact that she may be THEE Alice but she was her own person. She grew, she was witty and she was determined . . . whether determined to find the truth or not, she was a determined girl.

I also liked how Jace put all the characters from wonderland into this modern world. It didn’t seem far fetched at all; it made sense and it flowed very nicely into this story. This made it so much easier to read. Each character had their own develops which I loved. There wasn’t overlapping views, love triangles or unnecessary issues in which the author tries to add fluff to the story.

However, I have two issues with this book. Firstly, there were some predictability not with Alice directly but with the surrounding characters. They were roll your eye moments that were spotted even before it began. My second issue with this book is the line between sane and insane. Alice is constantly going through this battle but you really don’t see it cross reality until the end. I felt that it wasn’t placed well because this is an issue throughout the whole book and it shouldn’t had affected “reality” towards the end.

None the less, I thought this was an amazing read and Jace wrote so well and creativity I want to look more into Lewis Carroll.

4 Pickles.

New Adult Book Review: Fevered Souls (Fevered Souls #1) by S.K. Falls

Self Published Published Aug. 5, 2013 358 Pages
Self Published
Published Aug. 5, 2013
358 Pages

Cara is back in her home town; Eden, North Carolina and she hates it. Fresh out of college, Cara has returned to find a job, save some money and leave as quickly as she came.

But when she meets Dax Allard during a job interview, she realizes her life will never be the same. Because Dax on top of that gorgeous beauty has a secret . . . a secret that Cara just so happens to stumble upon. 

There was a lot of things wrong with this book but there were some really good things that as a reviewer I cannot overlook.

Firstly, Cara and Dax are as cliche bull crap as you could get. Cara and Dax are instant “love” at first site. I give Dax a pass because Dax technically imprinted on her because he is a beast like that. As much as I go back and forth regarding that I am okay with it.

But I am not okay with Cara. Foolish isn’t the proper word for her because she just jumps right in; even if her questions were never answered (it didn’t take long for Dax to give it up the answers) she still would have went along with it all. I am not a fan of Cara. She shows little common sense and complete disregard for getting out of Eden the moment she meets Dax.

Although I give Dax a pass on love at first site, Dax is a beast (not in a good way). He is way too possessive and has the traits of a abuser; its not cute.  You can only say I was worried about you for so long.

But with all my heart I can honestly say, I like the way Falls write a story. Yes, the characters and their “love” is slack but she was able to tell the story smoothly without me wanting to throw my kindle against the wall. Falls wrote pretty well. The shortcomings were huge but you can see the talent as you read the book. Don’t get me wrong there were parts that I rolled my eyes but I kept reading because the potential there was really good.

The biggest issue I have is the ending. It bad. Abruptly ending is not the same as ending a story. Conclusions are hard (trust me I know) but stopping in what seem like mid-thought shows a lack of creativity and effort to finish something right.

Overall this was an okay read. I may actually read book two.

2 Pickles.

Kindle Review: Ember (Death Collectors #1) by Jessica Sorensen

     Borrowed Hearts Publishing  Published Aug. 28, 2012        337 Pages
Borrowed Hearts Publishing
Published Aug. 28, 2012
337 Pages

17 year old Ember can see how a person will die when she touches them. The only person that knows her secret is her best friend Raven, who not only drags Ember’s goth self to every party but tries to make her life as easy going as possible.

But then she meets Asher Morgan, who is completely surrounded by mystery and is the only person Ember cannot sense death from. Ember is more than excited to be around him but her bliss is short lived when unexplained deaths begin happening over town and all the evidence points to Ember.

Ember must find the answers to not only her ability but to the deaths that occur around her.

This was a decent read but I am not entirely sure I would actually recommend this book. I loved the theme of grim reapers. There are so many stories of who, how and what when it comes to the reapers, but I actually like what Sorensen did.

She created a love triangle -.- good and evil and it wasn’t in bad taste. Ember wanted Asher, while this guy named Cameron wanted Ember. Sorensen didn’t over do it with the romance or dripping love scenes but she did make Asher way too perfect. Cameron was more realistic and I actually prefer him.

I didn’t like Ember or her friend Raven. They both pitied each other and it made their friendship feel fake. Ember was unrealistic. You can’t touch people because you see their death and yet you go to house parties expecting not to be touched. That doesn’t seem right. Ember didn’t seem like she was concerned about the fact that she can see death and Raven was just a jerk even before her mind became warped.

Sorensen laid the drama on too thick when it came to Ember and Raven’s home life. Both mothers were drug addicts, their fathers are gone and Ember’s brother might as well be an addict and Ember is completely disconnected from it all. I felt it was too much.

Although I loved the grim reapers aspect of it, the book as missing action and drive. Ember was boring, Asher was boring and Cameron didn’t have enough time in the book to do a whole lot of trouble.

I was able to finish the book but I needed more out of it. Overall it gets 3 Pickles.




Kindle Review: Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom #1) by Marie Hall

*Adults ONLY*

       Self Published  Published July 12, 2012    129 Pages Kindle Ed.
Self Published
Published July 12, 2012
129 Pages Kindle Ed.

Alice lives for all things wonderful. She’s a 24-year-old woman, who has opened Mad Hatter’s Cupcakery and Tea Shoppe with her best friend. Things are going well until a fairy godmother decides that Alice is the one to save the Mad Hatter and in total save Wonderland.

The Mad Hatter is everything Alice has and has not dreamed of. Sexy, strong, rugged and completely out of his mind, Hatter is not an easy egg to crack for Alice but with only three days to fall in love can Alice discover his secret and release her own?

This was such a surprisingly good book I am still flabbergasted. This is an adult version of Alice in Wonderland without the falling down the rabbit hole. Alice is a grown woman who although is single, is not one of those women who are overly shy or has a horrible past that damaged their future. I liked Rose because she held her own without being the overly aggressive woman or the damsel in distress.

I also loved the setting of this novel. Wonderland is a mess but not a dark creepy mess with hidden evils. It is bright, confusing, complicated, bad but really good and it was completely emotion based. When Hatter was feeling crappy, Wonderland was feeling crappy; so it was really cool to see the setting change as Alice and Hatter go through the process of getting to know each other.

I was completely surprised by Hatter because he was supposed to be this bad boy and there was nothing bad about him. He is an attractive man who has stopped looking for love due to some bad experiences. There are some turns in his story but it isn’t in bad taste.

However, despite my love for these characters what bothered me was the huge dramatic scene towards the end. That was extremely dramatic that I am not entirely sure I liked it.  I understand why it was written like that to prove a point about fate but it was a bit over the top.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It gets 4 Pickles

Kindle Review: What She Didn’t Know by I. Ronik

      Self-Published    Published Dec. 8, 2013        36 Pages Kindle
Published Dec. 8, 2013
36 Pages Kindle

Adult ONLY

Cassie has been looking after her sister, Jessica,  all her life. This includes her approving or disapproving the men in her life. When Jessica begins dating someone that Cassie feels is a threat, Cassie decides it is time to meet him.

Jessica sets up a double date with her man, his cousin and Cassie. Come to find out that his cousin is Cassie’s boss who not only wants Cassie but has a dark secret to reveal.

This book was a surprise and a half. Before I begin to explain you have to understand that this is a parody.

I didn’t know this book was a parody at first. So I was taken back because the characters were so wrong (hahaha). Cassie is the smart good girl, that works at a bookstore,who is not as attractive as her sister (so she says). Jessica is the beautiful girl that goes after rich men.

The sisters are close; Jessica comes to Cassie for advice and Cassie voices her opinion and support. This was a breath of fresh air to have two sisters although totally different and it doesn’t feel like there is resentment between the two. Yeah, Cassie seems annoyed by her sister’s men but nothing makes me believe it is toward Jessica.

What makes this book funny is Cassie and the ridiculousness of her relationship with her boss. Yeah you got your steamy sex scenes but the writing just like Cassie and her boss are a bit immature and too hard to believe. The love is too at first sight, paranormal aspect of it is seriously completely out there you can’t help but laugh as you read it. The boss is a sap which is completely unexpected because he begins as the not too aggressive extremely sexy alpha male.

The author laid it on thick and made a point of laughing at the typical romantic paranormal novels.

Overall I loved this short story and it gets: 5 Pickles