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NetGalley Review: The Night Itself by Zoe Marriott

Walker Books Published July 4, 2013 368 Pages
Walker Books
Published July 4, 2013
368 Pages

15-year-old Mio Yamato steals her family’s heirloom- a katana, to go with a costume for a Christmas party. Little does she know the moment she takes it from its hiding place, she unleashes an evil in London. 

When a nine-tailed demon attacks her, Mio is saved by Shinobu, a warrior boy who popped out the blue. With the help of Shinobu, Mio’s best friend Jack, and Hikaru, a fox spirit, Mio must find the truth about the sword and how to defeat the demons no plaguing the earth. 

I loved the concept of this book but it was boring and there were things I didn’t exactly understand.

Firstly, what I liked about the book was the mythology the author tried to weave into the book. I say tried because there wasn’t much mythology but what was there was rich and understandable. Considering the fact that the book surrounds itself with the ancient myths, I am not sure why there wasn’t much in it to begin with.

I didn’t like Mio. For a girl who loved her grandfather so much she couldn’t remember anything he taught her. Mio didn’t have much depth and she lacked a personality. She had her witty comments here and there but it didn’t stick.

Another thing I really didn’t like about the book was it took too long to build up. When the action did begin for the next 4 chapters nothing was going on but Mio debating if she should let Shinobu kiss her. It was frustrating and annoying.

I do the author credit for having a pretty cool idea even though this book may or may not be inspired by Naurto. Overall this book gets 2.5 Pickles. I am hoping that the second book will have more action and more mythology.

Book Review: The Lost Sisterhood by Anne Fortier

 Ballantine Books Published March 11, 2014 585 Pages
Ballantine Books
Published March 11, 2014
585 Pages

Diana is completely fascinated with the “history” of the Amazons. She feels a deep connection to the Amazons, thanks to her Grandmother, who made it part of her everyday life. When Diana is asked to consult a archeological excavation, she may have actually discovered proof that Amazons exist.

Although Diana is part of an amazing modern day find, she is also caught in the most dangerous games of cat and mouse she has ever played. With her own family history tied into this discovery, Diana is out to find the truth about the Amazons and her grandmother.

I really enjoyed this story. But to be completely front about it . . . this story was extremely long.

The amazing thing this author is really good at is telling two stories at once. The book switches from the present time to the past; Diana’s point of view and then those of an Amazon queen.

The transitions were very smooth and the two stories tied together very effortlessly. I loved it. However, the story itself was way too long. Diana was clueless a majority of the story, which is okay to a certain extent. After four run-ins with people that are trying to kill her, you would think that Diana would smarten up a bit . . . nope. She fell for a man, whom she didn’t trust for most of the story and I might add she ran away from.

Because Diana was so clueless it made some parts of the story completely unbelievable. Diana was supposed to be an expert on Amazons and yet when it was time to prove it she knew very little and was very immature about how she handled things.

However, Diana didn’t completely ruin the story and I chalk that up to good writing. The story of the Amazon queen was more interesting than the story of Diana which blew my mind. The history was rich and the details were not dragged out at all. If Fortier just wrote the story of the Amazons then this story would be completely perfect.

Fortier was able to keep me interested with the story of the Amazons. But the story of Diana was dragged, unbelievable and the ending wasn’t the best.

Overall this story gets 3.5 Pickles

NetGalley Review: Thunderstone by Barbara Pietron

        Scribe Publishing  Published Nov. 12, 2013             262 Pages
Scribe Publishing
Published Nov. 12, 2013
262 Pages

*I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

15 year-old Jeni is visiting Lake Itasca, Minnesota with her family when she meets Ice after buying a bird like sculptor at a gas station. Trying to get the sculptor back, Ice who is the medicine man’s apprentice, follows Jeni to her cabin and in hopes of convincing her to give him the sculptor, ends up telling her Native American myths including the one about the sculptor. 

Not believing him one second but knowing that there is a connection between her and Ice, she indulges in the story and gets caught in the truth that she released a monster at the lake. Not only does she have to believe in her fate but she must believe she is capable of saving Ice and those in danger of the monster. 

This book is a very quick read and it is because the author gets right into the action once you open the book. I loved that about the book but it also was its downfall. I liked Jeni but I did believe she was too gullible. It didn’t take much for Ice to convince Jeni of anything. I thought it was too easy and I am not sure if the author did that on purpose to keep the fast pace of the book but I didn’t really enjoy it.

Ice was alright. He was the cute boy that was dying to do things right for his people as well as for Jeni. Jeni’s and Ice’s relationship was boring. Although you read about the spark, you really couldn’t feel any spark between them. Jeni acted as if that was the first boy to show her attention so she jumped at the chance and Ice acted as if she is the only girl he has ever got in contact with. I think their relationship didn’t have enough build up.

Throughout the book, all I could think about was how fast the book was going. There was no real dramatic build up; within the first three chapters the monster was already killing people in the lake and Jeni was already accepting her visions. I feel that the author should have took more time to develop the story more.

However, with what was written I thought it was a wonderful story that needs a second book. Overall it gets 3.5 Pickles

Book Review: Loki’s Wolves by K.L. Armstrong & M.A. Marr

                 Atom Published May 7, 2013              358 Pages
Published May 7, 2013
358 Pages

In the Norse Mythology it is predicted that the world will end and that ending is called Ragnarok. The only people that can stop this event are Gods. There will be a battle between the Gods and monsters. The catch is all the Gods are gone only their descendants.

Matt Thorsen is the descendant of Thor while his cousins Fen and Laurie Brekke are descendants of Loki. While Matt doesn’t get along with Fen and Laurie the three of them must find other descendants in order to fight the pending apocalypse.

I love mythology. Let’s just make that clear. The details that are created for people to understand everything is just amazing to me. This book is geared towards middle schoolers but it can be read by anyone. However, if you are looking for love and romance then this is not your book.

The story is told in three point of views; Matt, Fen and Laurie. This was the best thing about the book. It left no questions about who was feeling what and how they were feeling it. It was clear understanding for the reader.

Another amazing point that I love is that these kids know their history! It is a breathe of fresh air when you read about a character that doesn’t have disobey parents or teachers to find out who they are. In the beginning of the book you know who is who as well as the kids.

The book was action driven. You dive right into the mess that shapes everyone’s lives. And if you have been reading my reviews you know that is a great thing for me.

Slight downside to this book in which I hope it will pick up next book is Matt. He was shy, unsure of himself and just not what you expect of a leader at all. Granted his home life wasn’t the best with the constant pressures and being compared to his brothers but he was thrust into this situation and I expected him to fight to prove himself. He was too wimpy for me.  Laurie was mean for a reason I couldn’t grasp. Her home life was fine. Her family didn’t accept Fen for reasons and yes her father was gone but she really had nothing to be so mean about. It was annoying.

The only character that was justified was Fen. His life was messed up. So I understand his ‘I hate everyone but Laurie’ attitude.

Overall I thought this was an amazing read and cannot wait to read the next book. This book gets a 9 out of 10.


Book Review: Beauty’s Daughter by Carolyn Meyer

Hermione is the daughter of Helen. . Helen of Troy. Yes, the impulsive, beautiful Helen, who falls in love Prince

  HMH Books for Young Readers      Published Oct. 8, 2013            352 Pages
HMH Books for Young Readers
Published Oct. 8, 2013
352 Pages

Paris and runs away with him. What we don’t know is that when Helen left she told her son, who looks like her, and left her daughter that takes after her father.

Hermione is distraught and convinced that her mother was actually kidnapped and the rest of the story goes the Greek army declare war on Troy for kidnapping the Queen and not returning her. Hermione goes with her father and from a side line point of view prays to the gods and goddesses to end the war and reunite her with her love.

I love Greek mythology for those who are new here. And there are not many stories about Helen but this story I like because it shows a more personal side.

Firstly, I didn’t like Hermione. For a leading character I don’t believe she did much in the story. I can’t even say that because of the time period she was in there wasn’t much she can do because she really just didn’t do anything. When she found her mother was gone and with her brother she was hurt and upset and pissed off. But she did nothing about it. I think that the author was trying to keep true to the original story of Helen leaving with Prince Paris and didn’t want Hermione to interfere with that. I understand this but at the same time I don’t feel the story should have been written from the daughter’s point of view then. It should have been from the father’s viewpoint.

However, although I didn’t like Hermione I did love Helen. What was the most beautiful woman in the world like? Selfish, vain, impulsive, self centered, money hungry; she was everything I assumed she would be and I liked how the author gave Helen a voice in the story so you can have an idea of who she was. There was no assuming.

The story itself was good but confusing. For me, Hermione’s love came out of no where and it really wasn’t necessary. He wasn’t there is the beginning of the book, so we really didn’t get to see a history between them. When the war was coming to a close that was when he was constantly in the story. What I did like was the author spilt it in sections; before the war, the war, and after the war. However, by writing a story in this way it feels stretched.

The direction of the story wasn’t to my liking. There was no need for a love interest and there should have been more confrontation between Hermione and her mother, since she did leave her only daughter behind (which Hermione was more upset about anyway). Overall, the book gets 6 out of 10. I loved the war, and intensity of the writing. But the characters fell short and the story didn’t stay its original course.

Love, Pickles.

Book Review: The Wicked Within by Kelly Keaton

              Simon Pulse  Published Sept. 17, 2013               320 Pages
Simon Pulse
Published Sept. 17, 2013
320 Pages

This is the final book and Ari injured Athena pretty bad in the second book. However, in this book the clock is ticking not just for Ari to lift the curse but to find the hands of Zeus which is carrying Athena’s baby, which mysteriously went missing from the locked library (Spoiler if you didn’t read the second book).  It is up to Ari and her friends to find it and every other secret that involves Athena.

This book was less about Ari’s curse and more about the mystery surrounding Athena and her life. This didn’t make the book bad in anyway. It was informative without being boring and interesting to see how everything connects, which I thought was amazing. In Greek mythology everything and everybody is connected and Keaton did a great job showing that connection in her story.

However, I didn’t like Ari in this book. She whined too much and I think that for the first half of the book and even some part towards the end she was being a brat about a lot of things. I am also not sure if I liked reading Sebastian’s point of view. It was spoken in third person and it felt completely unnecessary. I personally didn’t care to know how he saw things. But with that being said, having his point of view didn’t make or break the book.

The action scenes were done well. There were a lot of surprises I didn’t see coming and although Keaton added a lot of new information especially at the end of the book it wasn’t done in bad taste. I was extremely thrilled and on the edge of my seat reading the end of the book; still didn’t like Ari though.

But finally, with all this good I am still on the fence about the ending. Ari technically gets her cake and eat it to. This may or may not leave room for the author to add another book or add Ari as a character in a different series but I think it should have been on way or the other. I do not disagree with the happy ending because Athena screwed  up a lot in the first two books; I’m just not sure if I agree with Ari and her cake.

Overall, this book gets a solid 9 out of 10. The series collectively gets 10 out of 10.

Love, Pickles.

Book Review: A Beautiful Evil (Gods & Monsters #2) by Kelly Keaton

If you haven’t read my review on the first Gods & Monsters book Darkness Becomes Her you can view it here

         Simon Pulse   Published Feb. 21, 2012            285 Pages
Simon Pulse
Published Feb. 21, 2012
285 Pages

Violet is gone, and Ari is stuck trying to figure out how to get her back, defeat Athena and get rid of her curse. Permanently in New 2 (New Orleans) Ari has been granted by the protection with New 2’s elite as well as access to the all knowing library. So most of this book is Ari training to use her power, figure out her feelings for Sebastian and studying.

Do not get me wrong there are some pretty intense scenes in the book. However,  the thing with any second book to a series there is a lot of homework Therefore, there is a lot of down time and soul searching.

What Keaton did with this book that I fell completely in love with was even though Ari pretty much wants Sebastian the chapters weren’t dripping in sappy, cliche love. Ari realizes that her kissing him (from the first book) on the first day is not her norm. But at the same time Ari isn’t completely obsessed with him either. She understands there is something greater than romance right now even though it isn’t that far from her mind.

I also am still completely in love with Athena. That woman is sick but you get to understand why she is doing what she is doing which is why the third book will be amazing. I strongly believe Keaton did a great job with this character.

What I didn’t like about the book was the slowness but I can’t be mad at that because this is seriously the book before the storm. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t twist and turns. The story led up to a really good climax and even though this is a short review I cannot wait to read the next book.

Overall this books get 8 out of 10.

Book Review: Darkness Becomes Her (Gods & Monsters #1) by Kelly Keaton

I swear I love these Medusa stories.

         Simon Pulse    Published Feb. 22, 2011             320 Pages
Simon Pulse
Published Feb. 22, 2011
320 Pages


Ari just discovered that her biological mother was in an insane asylum and committed suicide. With teal eyes and silver hair Ari has always been a loner even though her adoptive parents have loved her and trained her (bond bailsman).   Ari wants to know the truth; especially after her mother leaves her a note stating to run.

But the only way to find that truth is by going to New 2 New Orleans. Once she is there she finds out that almost everyone knows who she is.

As stated before I love Medusa stories and this story is no different. Ari was a likeable character. Not too stupid, not too headstrong or too naïve. But with that being said I was completely surprised at how easy she was able to open up to Sebastian (the too good to be true boy). Let’s assume the events in this book take about a week? Well she falls in love with him after day two. Actually she falls in love with everyone by day two (she moves in with a few people); which made me look at her as if she wasn’t as “hard” as she was being portrayed in the first three chapters. I felt that was too cliché, fake, and unnecessary.

I also loved Athena. Man, she cannot stand Medusa and that hate is strong.  Granted Athena is acting more like a powerful witch than a God but as I recall most Greek Gods were acting human anyway  until they didn’t get what they wanted *Shrugs* Keaton did an amazing job with her character and I am curious to know if there will be a bigger backstory. I really want to know more about Athena. Yes, in this book you find out why she is being evil but there has to be more i.e. I want there to be more.

Overall the book gets 9 out of 10. Fast paced, a bit cliché but worth the read.

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Gotta love Medusa Book Review: Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs

I love mythology; especially the myths surrounding Medusa. They are truly my favorite stories. 

  Katherine Tegen Books    Published Sept 6, 2011             345 Pages
Katherine Tegen Books
Published Sept 6, 2011
345 Pages

Three sisters- triplets- were separated at birth only to be brought back together in San Francisco, California. Grace moved to San Francisco because of a scholarship offer from a private well known high school; trying to start over Grace is looking forward to change until she meets Gretchen who looks exactly like her.

Gretchen hunts monsters for a living while attending school; meeting Grace was chance. Until the two girls meet Greer, a prissy rich girl who has her life together and is thrown into a loop when Grace and Gretchen show up at her door claiming to be her sisters, which she does not have time for.

These girls are descendants of Medusa and are meant to protect the human world from the things that go bump in the night.

I thought this book was amazing but at first I didn’t think so. Grace started off too withdrawn and a pushover. In the beginning it was hard for me to believe she would become a strong character but she did. I thought Childs (the author) did a really good job of making her grow and how easy it was for her to transition into a huntress.

I really loved that all there of these characters are completely different from each other; like a whole 360. Grace and Gretchen balance each other out but that is because Greer didn’t show up until the last 2-3 chapters. This was a bit of a downfall but I can only assume that the second book will show more of Greer.

I didn’t think there were any flaws to the story. There are a few different stories about Medusa and there is nothing a part of me that thinks this story didn’t do a good job of showing a different viewpoint of Medusa.

To put it this way if you think Medusa as a victim you will love this book if you don’t then this book will change your mind. This book gets 9 out of 10; a point gone for putting Greer too near the end.