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Goal Check 2020

New Year and new goals (kind of).

Instagram Goals

I have pretty much given up on Instagram in the sense of bookstagram. I am not consistent with book photos and plus that take a bit more work than I have the strength to do right so. So I am leaving the bookstagram world be. I don’t need to be on every piece of social media, so I won’t. But if you do want to follow me instagram.com/niaboothangs

Motif by Tanya Goals

I did super well this year with the blog. Between me interacting more on Twitter and joining various group boards (some worked out, others didn’t) my following count for the site is currently sitting at 411. Last January I had 242 followers, so I did pretty well in 2019. Unfortunately, I didn’t reach my goal of 500 so I am adjusting this year, to make the goal of 1000 :) Shoot high or go home.

Twitter Goals

“If nothing else I have done a fantastic on Twitter this year. This statement still stands because in January I had 569 followers and now I am at 918 followers. And these followers are fairly active, so I am super pumped about that. My goal has changed. Instead of 1000, I want 1500 by the end of the year. The plan is to do a book giveaway when I hit that goal.” <—- this was last yeah. I am currently sitting at 1,161 followers. No, I didn’t hit my 1500 goal but technically it was a stretch goal. Overall, I am happy as heck. This year the goal is 2000 and I still plan on doing a giveaway at 1500.

Book Goals

Other than the Goodreads Book Challenge, my only book goal is to participate in more readathons and possibly doing some reading buddies. Last year I lowered my Goodreads Challenge to 170 and I exceed it by nine. This year it is at 170 again. This was a comfortable goal as I was able to take breaks not feel overwhelmed and just read. I will sit at this number forever.


Overall, I took about a month long break from blogging, social media and some reading. It was great. I really needed it and I should probably plan more scheduled breaks throughout the year as opposed to pulling one at the end of the year.

What type of goals do you have this year?