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NetGalley Review: A Respectable Actress by Dorothy Love

Thomas Nelson To Be Published Oct. 2015 384 Pages
Thomas Nelson
To Be Published Oct. 2015
384 Pages

India Hartley is a famous actress, who has embarked on a tour of theaters in the South. During one of her plays at the Savannah’s Southern Palace her co-star is fatally shot on stage. India is accused of the crime and taken to jail.

Someone unknown to India hires lawyer Philip Sinclair to defend her. Philip needs India’s case to restore his home Indigo Point. If he successfully helps the famous actress the clients will be pouring in.  In order to protect his client, Philip brings India to Indigo Point where India discovers a mystery of her own that she needs to solve. 

*Short Review

This book would have been perfect if it wasn’t so boring. From beginning to end, everything felt as if it was moving in slow motion.

I loved the mystery of the novel but India didn’t give life to the story, which was crazy because she is an actress. There was no flare, no passion, no intensity. Even the romance with Phillip was unbelievable. It was just there. All of a sudden they are falling in love. But why? How?

What I liked about the book was the fact that the author was able to keep me curious enough to know why India is in this predicament. It wasn’t as if something was happening every page or every chapter but the way the words were written despite the slow pace, I wanted to know how it ended.

I thought the book was okay. The author added way too much in the book; everyone was connected in a ridiculous way and it just wouldn’t end. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the author did a book two to this.

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