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Adults Only Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James

             Vintage    Published April 2011       Ebook 385 Pages
Published April 2011
Ebook 385 Pages

I know I said I would never read this book but yeah . .  crap happens.

21 year old Anastasia Steele goes on an interview with wealthy, attractive Christian Grey as a fill in for her friend who is sick. Instantly she knows she wants this man and oddly enough he wants plain jane Ana too (as she likes to be called).

The thing is Christian is a control freak and there are things he likes done in certain ways. Ana being innocent is opened up to a whole new world (ha) that not only changes her but changes Christian as well.

Before I get into the BDSM, I have to say I loved the story. I loved Christian and I think E.L. James did an amazing job with this character. He wasn’t the typical rich man and his sensitivity surprised me. He wasn’t overly sensitive nor was he a jerk. He cared for Ana maybe even loved her but he made sure she was okay at all time. Granted he pushed the line to damn near stalkerish but I liked him . . . a lot.

I could live without Ana. She wasn’t a bad character but she didn’t make me smile like Christian. AND IM NOT SAYING THAT BECAUSE OF IM A WOMAN EITHER! Ana is young and Christian is her first so I get her back and forth especially since it’s more than vanilla sex . . .  LMAO

As for the BDSM it is not as bad as everyone said it was. I was expecting some really really disturbing things to happen but to be honest the guy likes control and technically that is all he is really doing minus one or two . .  toys.

None the less beyond the crappy sentences and the misplaced words I though the book was good. So good . . . I’m reading number two lol.

8 out of 10.

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Book Review: The Nightmarys by Dan Poblocki

When I read horror or thriller books the mission of the author is to make me feel creep-ed out. Dan Poblocki is one of those authors that can really creep-ed me out.

      Random House Published Aug 24, 2010           336 Pages
Random House
Published Aug 24, 2010
336 Pages

Timothy July is having nightmares; nightmares about creepy jars in his history class staring at him, about his brother, Army Soldier, in a coma and a new girl named Abigail that he really didn’t care to notice before.

The thing about Timothy’s nightmares is he is starting to see them in real life and is having a hard time figuring out what is real or not. But low and behold the girl he didn’t notice before Abigail seems to be able to hold the answers to his nightmares and other weird things going on between Timothy’s best friend and history teacher.

This book was creepy, enticing and a bit scary (even for an adult). From the beginning you instantly want more. Poblocki (the author) doesn’t take 5-8 chapters to get juicy; when Timothy and Abigail first speak you’re already like “what the heck.” You want more and that is what makes the book perfect.

The imagery was also on point. I don’t just mean “her hair was fiery red” no I mean describing a stalking shadow in the corner of your room and the big ,once abandoned ,house on the dead end street.

The only downfall to this book is it stalled while the kids were finding answers. Other than that the book has a lot of surprised and things just don’t go back to the way things were i.e. everyone is happy and singing.

I think this book is perfect for not only adults that want to be spooked a bit but for teens that enjoy a good shake in the books. Over all the book gets a 9 out of 10. It breaks all the rules of children looking for answers they shouldn’t even be looking for.


Book Review: Rapture by Susan Minot



Love is complication and sex only complicates it even more. This book moved me; not because of the sexual scenes but because it made sense. This short story tells of two former lovers reuniting for an unexpected intimate moment. Although they are together, sharing each other, so to speak Benjamin and Kay minds are completely else where.

Although this book is considered erotica; there is truly nothing erotic about it expect for the act being done. Benjamin is thinking about his much complicated relationship with Vanessa and how he ended up with Kay (even for this last moment). Kay is thinking about how she didn’t want to love Benjamin and she came to be here with him in her bed.

There is a lot of back and forth between thoughts but Benjamin is the one that is thinking more and deeply. He is confused about who he believes is “the one.” His heart has been with Vanessa for over 11 years but his love for her hasn’t increased at all. Kay comes along and it makes him rethink about his love for Vanessa.

Kay on the other hand may not bluntly say she loves Benjamin but the undertone is extremely strong. What I loved about the book was the fact that it was honest but not distasteful. Kay is performing oral sex and thinking about other times they have had sex. The author, Minot, does not beat around the bush about it nor is she blunt to the point of disgust.

This short story gets a 8 out of 10. I wish there was more talking and more thought from Kay. It seemed too one sided.