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NetGalley Review: Sea of Stars (Kricket #2) by Amy A. Bartol

47North Published March 31, 2015 291 Pages
Published March 31, 2015
291 Pages

This series has some amazing book covers!

So Kricket is the most wanted woman alive. She is slowly understanding and finding out she is more powerful than she or Trey thought. 

Now on the planet Ethar, Kricket is a target to both the Rafe and the Alameeda house. But when a vision comes in the form of danger, Kricket must decide if her gift of seeing the future will allow her to change it or suffer at the inevitable. 

If you didn’t read my review of the first book check it here.

I picked up book two because I was interested in seeing character development. There was some development. Kricket wasn’t as annoying as she was in the first novel and her relationship with Trey although seemed to come from the heart really felt like lush. Every time she was upset at something she would look at Trey and think “how hot is he” and then she would completely forget what she was thinking.

I felt that throughout the book you really felt that Kricket, Trey and all of them were just teenagers. Although they were good at what they did you can really tell their age.

The pace of the novel was good. I was able to finish it without too much pausing but could I have said it was a good novel? It was okay. It was better than the first one but it was still lacking. Passion, even a fierce desire would have really made the book . . . the series for that matter.


2 Pickles

NetGalley Review: Under Different Stars by Amy A. Bartol

Self Published Published Dec. 19, 2013 297 Pages
Self Published
Published Dec. 19, 2013
297 Pages

Kricket Hollowell is hiding from social services in Chicago. Only a few months away from her 18th birthay, Kricket is blending in until she can legally claim her independence.

All that changes when Trey Allairis discovers Kricket’s whereabouts and takes her (against her will) to her true home.

Kricket’s once quiet existence comes to complete halt and she needs to adapt in order to get back to the home she has always known.

This is listed under pretty covers. It is just gorgeous.

However, the story wasn’t as great as the cover. It was okay. Kricket is annoying. Not whining annoying but I just need to be a sarcastic ass every time someone says something to me annoying.  For a while she didn’t have an off switch it wasn’t until she falls for Try that the switch was permanently off.

I wasn’t too upset with the romance in this novel. It was obvious but it wasn’t terrible. I felt that Trey was too typical for me to fall in love with him and Kricket didn’t enough personality for me to love her.

The plot was interesting enough to keep me wanting to go through it. But I didn’t like the fact that Kricket accepted sexist comments and allowed those comments to almost kill her because she wanted to prideful and prove a point. How can that point be proven if you’re dead? -.-

I felt that this story had a good concept but it felt like the author wanted to give readers what they know instead of something more passionate and original.  Will I read the second book? Maybe. More out of curiosity to see if the author does something different.

2 Pickles.