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Book Review: Dark Embrace (Dark Paradise #4) by Angie Sandro

Forever Yours Published July 14, 2015 384 Pages
Forever Yours
Published July 14, 2015
384 Pages

Dena has not been the same since her cousin Mala brought her back from the dead. Able to see when death is approaching someone, Dena struggles with the inability to actually save them. Desperate for peace and a life without this curse, Dena encounters two different “men” that can save her.

Ashmael has wandered the world and has encountered plenty of souls but none brings light to his life like Dena. But he cannot reach Dena the way that he wants because detective Michael Anders is investigating the deaths surrounding her. Although evidence points to Dena, being the killer, Anders must decide if he can trust not only Dena but his heart. But will that be enough to save her? 

Let me start off by saying, I did read the third book of this series but didn’t finish it because I couldn’t stand Mala any longer. I decided to read the fourth book because it wasn’t focused on Mala and the horrible decisions she decides to make.

Dena wasn’t exactly like Mala but after a while she was starting to get on my nerves. I can say my biggest issue with her was how easily she was turned on and easy she was to switch between Ashmael and Michael. I mean get it where you can get it but it was happening in the worst of times with her.

I did feel that she was babied way too much in this novel and I wouldn’t exactly call her selfish but when she was focused on doing something nothing else mattered. This was a common theme and I got tried of her half-ass apologies and the fact that no one would let her breathe.

I thought the pace of the novel was great but the most disappointing aspect of this book was Ashmael. He is not really a person and he doesn’t really have a voice in this book. The way the summary made it seem, I was expecting a presence from two men not one and a ghostly figure that popped out here and there. I wanted love and what I got was lust from a girl that I think is 17.

The story, overall wasn’t too bad though. I loved the weaving in and out of the first three books because it kept it upbeat. (Yes, I did mention that I didn’t finish the third book but I read half way through it before putting it down.) But things kept repeating in a ‘I want to keep you interested but I don’t want to end the book three chapters early’ type of way.

I didn’t enjoy the twist. It cleared up some things and made the love triangle easy to swallow but that was the problem it was too easy. Do I plan on reading the next book? Probably not. I completely loved the first novel of this series but none of the books have been able to give me that joy again.

2.5 Pickles


NetGalley Review: Dark Paradise by Angie Sandro

Forever Yours To be Published July 4, 2014 384 Pages
Forever Yours
To be Published July 4, 2014
384 Pages

Mala LaCroix isn’t a witch. Nor does she believe her family line are truly witches as the townspeople believe. So she does her best to stay out of peoples’ way and finish school to join the police academy. 

But when she finds a dead body of the most popular girl  in town floating in the bayou on her land, Mala’s plans for blending in is halted when she begins to be haunted by the dead girl. Trying to ignore the powers that are growing within her, Mala must now find a killer

Landry just lost his sister and has had a long time crush on Mala but when he finds out his sister may have been use as a sacrifice in a witch ritual he begins to look at Mala differently. But the two must work together to find the truth about his sister and all temptation must stop.  

Reading this I was definitely drawn to Mala. She wasn’t a bitch, needy or uncomfortable. She wasn’t a rich girl, yes she was poor but there was a charm to her that if the author didn’t keep mentioning the fact that she was poor it would have been overlooked.

I loved the fact that the book didn’t take long to get to the problem. There was no beating around the bush about it but it still left a lot to the imagination which was great. I do wish there was more detail describing the body. I felt it was a bit overlooked and didn’t have the same care as most of the other parts of the book was.

I liked Landry as well. However for a 21 year old I did feel that he should have been more grounded. What I mean is he seemed so unsure of himself throughout the entire book and that put me off in really liking him.

My biggest issue of this book was the back and forth Mala and Landry did. It was so over done and overly dramatic that it brought the rating down. Another issue I had was the physical scenes. There wasn’t many to be considered a New Adult book and what was there was completely misplaced. They felt forced. I’m not sure about the chemistry between Mala and Landry and I chalk that up because of all the back and forth.

Overall, I thought the author did a good job with the mix of magic, betrayal, small town and romance. I was expecting more sex (shrugs) but I liked the book and look forward to number 2.

3.5 Pickles