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April Wrap Up

It has been sometime that I have done a wrap up (I believe the last one was in September?). Things have been busy. Work, school and trying to keep some form of social life does take away from other things. Let’s not also forget the various anxiety attacks and blah blah. Anyway, I would like to say thank you to the faceless and the faces I know, who have been either following my instagram, twitter or reading my blog. The fact that you all have been taking the time to view my page despite my inconsistencies are just inspirational. So I appreciate that. But listed below are my stats.

Goodreads Challenege: 69 out of 200

Twitter Followers: 436 @motifink ↑

Instagram Followers: 167 @viewsfromthe_desktop

Total Posts: 5

Books Read:


Despite how busy I have been, I took the month of April to catch up on my reading. Still have a boat load of backlog to go through but I did some damage to that pile, arcs and physical books. I am very proud of myself.

I also participated in my first book related event: Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon! Only completed 2 books because it was a last minute thing but it was fun and cute. I love being part of the book community and activity participating in these events just showed me how cool it could be.

Overall, April was a interesting month. School is over and I have break before my summer class. Which means, more reading and writing. I’m looking forward to it.