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The Minis

Doubleday Books
Published July 11th 2017
322 Pages

The Blyton Summer Detective Club aka teen detectives haven’t seen each other in years since their last traumatizing case.

Now 3 out of the four members, with their massive baggage, come together to figure out what really happened on that case and maybe finally they can actually close it.

This book had a good foundation but wasn’t executed right. Between what seemed like a force relationship, slow plot and lack of in depth world building, this Scobby Doo knock off (sorry couldn’t think of a better phrase) was a hard read.

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Growing your Own Tea Garden is much more than

CompanionHouse Books
TBP: May 14th 2019

giving you steps to well grow your tea garden. There is history behind each tea, each leaf and there is a care the author gives when explaining why this is something you should know/do.

As someone who wants to rely on my own means to take care of my household as opposed to running to the store for everything, this is a great resource to have.

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Madam’s Books
Published Nov. 8th 2018
123 Pages

I have read the first two books of this series. To Claim a King is by far the strongest book of this series. My issue with To Tame a Rogue is it felt like there was less story and more how can I make this book dripping in sex.is The author didn’t take as much care to build a plot as she did with the sex.

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I am just going to start out by saying that this comic

Berger Books
Published July 30th, 2018
128 Pages

is okay. There is creativity in the aliens and how Dr. Future interacts with them.

But it is an overall situation we see in real life. People fighting for the right and enter and live within this country.

The protests, the anger, the fear all of this is portrayed within this comic and although I feel the author did well putting a spin on current politics but there was nothing really grabbing me to continue reading other than Dr. Future’s relationship with Letme.


I haven’t really been speaking about this goal I have been working on. And that is really because up until the beginning of the month, I haven’t really been doing anything with it.

My reading schedule has been a mess and I’ve been reading more of the arcs that I have been granted as opposed to any past books. But in the beginning of the month after 4 years of being faithful, my kindle broke. At first, I thought maybe if I charge it and let it sit for a while, it will come back to life (this has happened in the past). But I was wrong. The month is almost over and my kindle still have not turned back on (even after attempting to reset it).

Do I plan on getting a new kindle? Maybe. I have an ipad and a small tablet somewhere, so I may just use that. But the point I am getting to is because of my broken kindle, I was able to read of my physical tbr books, which count towards my #unreadshelfproject2018. YAY!

This post will be updated around this time each month until December 28th 2018, so you and myself can see the progress I am making, especially since I keep buying books. So here are the details:

Current TBR shelf: Let’s say 120 (don’t judge) This does not include any new books, I have purchased since the beginning of the year. (And that is really because I couldn’t give you a number)

Overall Goal: 120 books read

How Far Back, as in purchases, am I reading from: December 2017

Can anyone participate in this challenge? OF COURSE! I honestly encourage it, especially if you receive a lot of arcs and struggle at times to keep up.

Total Completed Books: 12

What are those books [May 2018]

I have a lot of books that sit on shelf and that is because I swing my time reading arcs for the site and buying at least 2-5 books a month. It’s a book collector thing, that I have no intentions of changing but I can be smarter about it. This challenge will make me accountable and give all the authors I spend money on the proper support they deserve.


June Update:

June went by very fast! Most of the month, I was fasting for Ramadan and completely pre-occupied with school and my husband coming home. So my #unreadshelfchallenge for the month of June is crazy low. But at least I was able to get some of those readings in. July “should” be a better reading month. <3

Original TBR Pile: 120

Total Completed Books: 14 (May + June)

Remaining Books: 106


Its been a while… quite a while since I have updated this. So here we go!

August, July, partly Sept Update:

So for the most part those are the books I have read between last time I posted about this to now. Some of these books were apart of the  #unreadshelfchallenge  but others were apart of #tanyaneedstoreadher #librarybooksand #stopcreating #somanyholds challenge lol Either way they are all getting counted to that 120 goal.

Original TBR Pile: 120

Total Completed Books: 46

Remaining Books: 74

The goal for the rest of Sept is to complete more of my #unreadshelfchallenge i.e more of the books I actually put in my tbr pile months ago and not last week.

Wish me the best!


Monthly Wrap-Up: September


Can you believe it? We are in October and I am writing a post for my September wrap up. Time is moving fast and I am not ready for it. But any way September was a month of renewal. So here are the basics:




Library Reads:


Current Twitter Followers: 366 ⬆️ by 17 followers from August <3

Total Posts: 8

I am extremely proud of myself as I was determined to get back on track with my arcs. I still have some ways to go but man I did good. But back to my original statement that September was a month of renewal.

I went to the library for the first time in months and it was great to be in that environment. It was quiet, clean and peaceful. I have no idea why I stopped going but the goal is to go once a week as part of my new self- care routine.

At the same time, I also rediscovered my love for reading and renovating my home. Although I am a bit stressed out, my time management is way better than it use to be.

Overall, despite time moving faster then I can handle, taking it day by day and being positive is making a difference in my life.