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Book Review: Blood, Ink & Fire by Ashley Mansour

Upturn Publishing Published Dec. 1, 2015 464 Pages
Upturn Publishing
Published Dec. 1, 2015
464 Pages

The future is no place for books. The once beloved written word is replaced by a stream of images known as Verity, which is controlled by the Fell for the protection of mankind. Readers i.e. being able to read is forbidden.

Noelle sees words and needs to know what they mean. Since she was a child it has been her obsession and her secret. But the day before her 17th birthday, Verity is interrupted with a hidden message for Noelle.  A message that leads her to readers known as the Nine of the Rising and to a boy named Ledger. 

Noelle discovers that in a world without books, she may be the only hope to bring them back.

Drop dead gorgeous cover. It is perfect and I hope that the author, the publisher, whoever does not ever change it.

I loved the concept of this story. A world without books; a world where reading is illegal *nods head in approval* This was a pretty good idea. But it was poorly executed. The main issue lies with Noelle. She is a very dull character, which in the beginning of the book is perfectly fine. It is because she is in a controlled environment that limits life, for a lack of better term.

It is after she leaves that controlled environment. I expected to see some kind of color, life from Noelle because she really trying to come into her own but even at the end it was just like “oh, alright,” I didn’t get a really fulfillment from her. This applies to the surrounding characters as well. It felt as if they all were being controlled by something such as the Fell, who are big brother but with much more technology and science.

Another thing about Noelle, that I didn’t really enjoy, was her viewpoint on the world or at least what was going on around her. She didn’t really try to figure things out. I didn’t mind her bluntness or her questioning things; what I did mind was how she expected things to go certain ways and then would be there like “well dang” when it didn’t work out.

Beyond that, I did like the pace of the novel. I felt the author really took care of this aspect very well. But there was a lack of passion in the words that we are supposed to be so desperate for. That was the hardest thing about this book. The emotion wasn’t really there; everything was very dull and it broke my heart.

The romance was a bit forced. I enjoyed the beginning of it. . . without giving much away I like what the author did without causing a love triangle in the traditional sense, I guess. The creativity was there, throughout the entire book,  but it was coming up short.

Overall, I am going to have to give the book

2 Pickles