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Subscription Review: My Lit Box

This is my first subscription review *YAY* However, My Lit Box is not my first subscription. Just the first I wanted to talk about.

MY LIT BOX  is a monthly book subscription box celebrating diversity in literature! Each month you will receive a box containing a newly released novel as well as 1-2 quality book related goodies that will make your reading experience all the more enjoyable!- My Lit Box

What caught my attention with this box is its focus. This box focuses on diverse readings, which is extremely important to me because I’ve made it my mission this year to step out my YA fantasy box and read more adult literature, specifically from diverse writers.

I chose My Lit Box because choice and price. They give you an option to receive a small box or a full box. The small box contains just the book, while the full box contains the book and 1-2 book related items. I like that the power (or illusion, which ever type of person you are) of choice can change everything.

Price: The small box is $17 while the full box is $25. My Lit Box is on the cheaper end of subscription boxes that contain multiple items and I personally love it. It is a reasonable price that doesn’t exactly kill my budget. So let’s get to some pictures :)

Box # 1

I was not completely impressed with this book but I did appreciate the care the owner put into this. The personalized letter, the poem by Ysra Daley-Ward, the amazing tea and the sage really added something to the book. I was happy to receive this book and was happy when I opened it but it was a tad bit short lived. But on the plus side of it I really wanted the book Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo, so I was real happy to see that.

 Box #2 

Made me extremely happy and redeemed itself after the first box. Something about this box… maybe the mini doodle kit or the gorgeous pin made me feel giggly and excited. It wasn’t as personalized as the first one but more whimsical I would say for a lack of better term. I was really thrilled with this book.

Overall, my two month experience with My Lit Box has been one I enjoy. I plan on keeping with it because who doesn’t like getting packages in the mail that have nothing to do with bills.🙋🏿‍♀️ This chick does.

I would recommend this box. Its different, affordable and these book related items are cute and practical :)

Kudos My Lit Box