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Book Review: Between The Spark and The Burn (Between # 2) by April Genevieve Tucholke

Dial Published Aug. 14, 2014 320 Pages
Published Aug. 14, 2014
320 Pages

River West Redding has left Violet in her lonely world. With his brother Neely, Violet is left to worry about the boy that shattered her world that is until one early morning, they hear a radio feed about a town experiencing strange events.

Immediately, they go in search for answers and in search of River. But it isn’t long before the find danger or a secret that can destroy Violet and Neely’s relationship. 

Here is the review for book one.


I try to give certain books a second chance by reading the second book. This action bit me in the ass with this book.

Violet is a depressing girl with almost zero personality and wouldn’t understand the difference between love and sick torment if it punched her in the face. I have to give her slight slack because she is young but she doesn’t get much. I also didn’t care of Neely. Both characters lack a personality and a spark of life.

The title of the book is wonderful as well as the cover but it does nothing to enhance the writing in this book.  It was slow, it was all over the place and it lacked a better purpose. Violet doesn’t understand love. She tries to find River because he gave her attention in a way she never had.

It is rough to read a book like this when you know there isn’t any personal development.  Reading this book was hard and it was almost a DNF.

Overall, no.

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