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Graphic Novel Review: Bitch Planet #1 (Bitch Planet #1) by Kelly Sue DeConnick (Goodreads Author), Valentine De Landro (Illustrator)

Image Comics Published Dec. 10, 2014 32 Pages
Image Comics
Published Dec. 10, 2014
32 Pages

Women who have done wrong be it a crime or disobedience in work or home are sent to “bitch planet” for punishment and to be cleansed. This novel centralizes around a group of women, who must work together in order to stay alive and maybe get off bitch planet. 

*Short Review*

I am completely aware that the summary really doesn’t explain anything about the book. But trust me, when I say this graphic novel is great and has so much potential to be the best thing ever I completely mean it.

The artwork is amazing. The illustrator did a great job on details down to the last sweat drop. What I most loved about the artwork was the believe-ability (if that is a word). These woman (and men) were realistic. Maybe not their circumstances (but let’s be honest, if men can ship us off to get a better woman if we misbehaved they would) but I can picture these women on the street without hesitation.

But the story is what kept me reading. I need to know more about each of these women. I need to know why “bitch planet” was created and what everyone has to do with it. I need to know it all! I am in love with the characters and their no nonsense. I am in love with the badass woman, Kam. She is perfect and I hope her backstory is amazing as who she appears to be.

Also A+ for diversity. I don’t just mean diversity in skin complexion but also in personalities and ethnic background.

Although this is a short review, I really can’t go on without actually telling you details of the story or without ranting how in love I am.

Overall, I will probably buy this series.

5 Pickles