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NetGalley Review: Romantic Road by Blair McDowell *Spoiler*

Wild Rose Press To Be Published Jan. 28, 2015 290 Pages
Wild Rose Press
To Be Published Jan. 28, 2015
290 Pages

Lacy Telchev has just buried her much older husband but once he is buried all his secrets are being placed on displayed.

Now Lacy, determined to discover the truth about her husband and his past, goes across Europe being chased by mysterious men, meeting with three women from her husband’s past. 

But the more she finds out about her husband, Lacy has to ask herself did she really know who he was?

Cliche that was the first thing I thought of when I began this and it was the last thing I thought of finished this book.  The book was cute but it was cliche.

Lacy is a woman that married her Russian husband after six months and at the age of 27 she had to bury him. She knows almost nothing about her husband throughout the entire book I was surprised she knew more than when they first met.  Lacy is a bit of a brat as well. When she was showing concern for her clothes, her designer purse and designer shoes, I had to laugh. You have men chasing you and you’re worried about what you look like.  Nope. Nope. Nope.

The husband himself was a cliche as well. He was this man who was so amazing with women and no one can be mad at him for what he did and didn’t do. Bull crap. He had a life not a single one of them knew about and every woman had the right to be upset but no they praised him for his amazing eyes and sex skills.


He was a spy. . . . . OH WOW.  A Russian spy who is amazing in bed -.- Another cliche.

But here what was good about this book. Although full of every cliche you can think of, the story was written well. The author has talent; that cannot be denied in any form. This talent made me finish the book because the story was written well although too simple and way too cliche.

Overall, this book could have been so much better but it wasn’t a horrible read.

2.5 Pickles.