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NetGalley Review: Blood Orange Soda by James Michael Larranaga

JML Published March 15, 2014 350 Pages
Published March 15, 2014
350 Pages

Darius Hunter is a vampire on reds. Reds is a drug that stops vampires from experiencing transformation and being a full fledged vampire. Darius is being bullied at school.

So into to gain strength to defeat his bully, he gets off the reds and beings taking blood orange soda to sped up his transformation (normally takes 9 months).

But things aren’t so simple as that. When a new girl comes to town, showing interest in Darius, he is tempted into a world he may not be ready for.¬†

This could have been a better book. Darius was a lame character and that is not because he had a bit of an identity crisis. His priorities switch constantly throughout this book. He was a lack-luster teenage boy, who seemed very weak minded.

I didn’t like the idea that he couldn’t stand up for himself without being a vampire. I felt that he was pressured to make the decision by the girl he liked, his uncle and his own lack of identity.

I understand that this book was a coming of age story with a vampire spin but nothing really changed as in the personality of Darius. I didn’t feel his mental strength or confidence.

Overall the story was very slow and the action really didn’t pick up.

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