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Book Review: Every Little Bad Idea by Caitie McKay

West 44 Books
Published Aug 1st, 2018
200 Pages

The women in Skyler Wise’s family have a weakness for bad boys, but not Skyler. She has one thing on her mind, leaving her run-down neighborhood and going to college. When Skyler’s normally strict mom starts dating again, she feels abandoned. Skyler meets Cole, a boy who makes her question everything she thought she knew about herself and her future.

Even though he has a dangerous reputation, Skyler believes she knows the real Cole, the sweet, caring boyfriend who makes her feel seen for once in her life. When Cole starts to change, Skyler realizes that she’ll do anything to keep him around, even if it means giving up her dream and losing the people closest to her.- Goodreads 

What a gem! Seriously, this book is really was surprising. A quick read but memorable none the less.

Firstly, Skyler; a completely relate-able character. Unfortunately, parents or even a single parent can sometimes add so much pressure and expectations intentionally and unintentionally that when a child comes across something new things tend to get out of hand. Skyler understands that she is testing the boundaries but also understand that she is looking for something and Cole may or may not be it. She wants an experience and not only grow but wants to enjoy and make her own decisions. I liked her. Her voice throughout the book was honest because you have can hear the slight hesitation as well as strength in voice which mimics her actions.

The book is verse, which makes for a quick read. The author doesn’t use a lot of fluff to pretty up the words or story. I appreciate that. She builds a world that I can see right in front of me. And most importantly it is detailed without feeling like a run one.

Here is the thing about this book though.Because it is told in verse the Skyler doesn’t actually grow. She makes a series of conscious decisions that work and do not work in her favor. Also I feel some type of way about how her best friend treats her. And finally the ending is as expected (because the author set up the book that it can literally go two ways).

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was quick, the verses flowed well, the characters were enjoyable and there was a nice lesson to learn.

3 Pickles