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Book Review: A Girl Named Mister by Nikki Grimes

Zondervan Published Aug. 6, 2010 223 Pages
Published Aug. 6, 2010
223 Pages

Mary Rudine also known as Mister has been always been part of the church. Attending youth club and performing in the Choir, her attendance has been a part of her life forever. But then she meets Trey and the church becomes less of a priority.

Another Mary in a previous time is preparing for her wedding but when an angel appears one night and tells her that she is to give birth, as a virgin, Mary is confused and finds herself in a struggle. 

Drawn to the story of Mary, Mister rediscovers her faith in God.

This book is written in verse and I love that about it. The reason I picked this book is because it has been a while since I’ve read a Nikki Grimes book.

But I had difficulties with this read and it had nothing to do with the face that it was written in verse. Something was missing from the overall story and it had something to do with Mister. There wasn’t enough personality and my biggest issue is she fell a little too easy. Yes, I know she is young but considering the premise of the story, I thought it would be a little bit harder for her to fall.

I also had an issue with the voice. It didn’t seem to change throughout the story until the end. It was the first time in the book, I felt real emotion from Mister and I actually felt for her. I would have loved more of that throughout the book.

Finally, the back and forth between Mister’s story and Mary’s story was a good element. It shows a viewpoint that you don’t think of in regards to Mary’s story and I thought that was cool.

Overall, the story was alright. I wanted more emotion and depth.

2 Pickles.

Graphic Novel Review: Saints by Gene Luen Yang

         First Second  Published Sept. 10, 2013             176 Pages
First Second
Published Sept. 10, 2013
176 Pages

I loved “Boxers” and had high expectations for “Saints”.

Its 1898 in China and Four-Girl is being raised in a family that does not want nor likes her enough to give her a proper name. After being told constantly by her Grandfather that she is evil she begins to believe such and decides to convert to Christianity which is considered evil to those of that time.

I wasn’t too pleased with this side of the story because it wasn’t a girl deeply in love with Christianity and to be honest I am not sure if she understood the religion completely. I feel that she joined the bang wagon because she had nothing else to go to. Her family didn’t love her and she thought herself as evil. I also don’t feel she died for her religion. I feel she was so stuck in her ways that she went with it.

What did like about the book was the ending and it pissed me off. I feel that the boxers didn’t really believe in what they were doing . . . well some of them and my point was proven at the end.

This book also didn’t prove much details or care as Boxers did. Saints lacked passion and it almost feels like an after thought. There was no personal struggle and really Fourth Girl was boring.

Overall the book gets 7 out of 10. Art work was great I expected nothing less; but the story just didn’t grab me even from a historical point of view.


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