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Book Review: Spellcaster by Claudia Gray


Nadia is a witch . . . rephrases a witch in training. She moves to Captive’s Sound after her mother walks out on her, her father, and little brother. Nadia is upset but is trying hard to stay strong for her family. However, when they drive through the border of Captive’s Sound she feels a magic so strong her book of spells clashes with its force field and causes an accident.

Mateo is the boy everyone talks about; his family has a history of seeing the future and going mad because of it. So naturally everyone  thinks he is crazy. Mateo sees Nadia in his dreams and only thinks the worst of himself and Nadia’s life.

Sounds good so far? Yes, it does and here is the disappointing part . . . the book lost its luster almost half way through. The author starts it off great! To the point that I’m not doing anything but read this book. But there was way too much running around in the book. The bad girl, yes it is a girl, is found very quickly in the book and to beat her takes at least another 8 chapters.

I love what the author started doing with the book but it faded. The only reason I would read part two of this book is in hopes to find out what happened to her mother. That is the biggest reoccurring topic in the book.

This book gets 5 out of 10.