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Manga Review: Suki-tte Ii na yo, Volume 1 (Suki-tte Ii na yo #1) by Kanae Hazuki

Kodansha Published Aug. 11, 2008 164 pages
Published Aug. 11, 2008
164 pages

Mei Tachibana at 16 years old the closest she has come to a boy is when she is being bullied. But when she hits the wrong student popular Yamato Kurosawa she didn’t think that from that moment on he would stick by her side and claim her as his friend and possibly something more.

I’ve read the entire series (not too sure if it is on going but yeah). So this review is an overall review of the series as a whole.

This is a cliche manga but at the same time I couldn’t stop reading. Mei is this insecure girl from beginning to the end. She rarely changes and it gets annoying because you would think that she would feel a better about herself. But it doesn’t really happen. She does get out of her shell but that is mostly because she is put in situations.

The romance in this series is really cute though. Mei and Yamato are opposites but they grow together really well. I like how Yamato respects Mei and respects women in general. He owns up to his mistakes, past and present and he is completely devoted to Mei. It was just so cute.

In regards to the artwork, everyone looked alike minus their hair, breast size and other feature you really couldn’t tell until the shirts was off; this is in reference to all characters.

Overall, I though the series was perfect for those who purely love the cliche high school romance.

4 Pickles



NetGalley Review: The Imaginary by A.F. Harrold & Emily Gravett (Illustrator)

Bloomsbury Children's Published Oct. 23, 2014 224 Pages
Bloomsbury Children’s
Published Oct. 23, 2014
224 Pages

Rudger is Amanda’s best friend. However, Rudger is an imaginary friend and Amanda believed she was the only one who can see him . . . that is until Mr. Bunting arrives.

Mr. Bunting hunts and eats imaginaries and quickly puts Rudger in a corner leaving him alone and quickly fading. What is an imaginary friend to do when the one who dreamed him isn’t there?

If you only had to read one book that is not only cute, creative and a slight bit creepy then this is the book you need to read.

What stood out the most for me for this book is the creativity. Everyone or at least most has had an imaginary friend at some point and the connection that is built with this person, animal or thing is special. Harrold was able to build off this bond without the book solely being focused on the imaginary world. He was able to tie it into real life.

He also was able to freak me out a tad bit out. I wasn’t expecting the creepiness of the book. Between the illustrations and the descriptions, I was done. I am not even upset. It has been a while since I’ve read a children’s book that I’ve enjoyed and I liked this.

Short review I know but I am in love with the blend of imaginary and reality. I love how it pulls at your heart and make you think of your childhood without the creepy guy.

4.5 Pickles.

How Cute! Book Review: Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman

       HarperCollins  Published Sept. 17,  2013            114 Pages
Published Sept. 17, 2013
114 Pages

This book is so adorable and perfect for kids.

Two children wake up to eat breakfast and discover that there is no milk. Their father sets out to get milk from the corner store but he takes longer than normal.

This book was more bubbly than you would expect from author Neil Gaiman. Nothing dark about it not even the aliens.

But it did stay true to his nature by adding talking dinosaurs, ponies, aliens and time travel. This a really quick read filled with great black and white illustrations done by Skottie Young.

I thought the book was really creative and really detailed, which is a trait I love from Gaiman. Although this is a short review I highly recommend this book.

Overall for a children’s book it gets a 10 out of 10.




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