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Book Review: The Nightmarys by Dan Poblocki

When I read horror or thriller books the mission of the author is to make me feel creep-ed out. Dan Poblocki is one of those authors that can really creep-ed me out.

      Random House Published Aug 24, 2010           336 Pages
Random House
Published Aug 24, 2010
336 Pages

Timothy July is having nightmares; nightmares about creepy jars in his history class staring at him, about his brother, Army Soldier, in a coma and a new girl named Abigail that he really didn’t care to notice before.

The thing about Timothy’s nightmares is he is starting to see them in real life and is having a hard time figuring out what is real or not. But low and behold the girl he didn’t notice before Abigail seems to be able to hold the answers to his nightmares and other weird things going on between Timothy’s best friend and history teacher.

This book was creepy, enticing and a bit scary (even for an adult). From the beginning you instantly want more. Poblocki (the author) doesn’t take 5-8 chapters to get juicy; when Timothy and Abigail first speak you’re already like “what the heck.” You want more and that is what makes the book perfect.

The imagery was also on point. I don’t just mean “her hair was fiery red” no I mean describing a stalking shadow in the corner of your room and the big ,once abandoned ,house on the dead end street.

The only downfall to this book is it stalled while the kids were finding answers. Other than that the book has a lot of surprised and things just don’t go back to the way things were i.e. everyone is happy and singing.

I think this book is perfect for not only adults that want to be spooked a bit but for teens that enjoy a good shake in the books. Over all the book gets a 9 out of 10. It breaks all the rules of children looking for answers they shouldn’t even be looking for.