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Book Review: Dear Killer by Katherine Ewell

Katherine Tegen Books Published April 1, 2014 359 Pages
Katherine Tegen Books
Published April 1, 2014
359 Pages

Kit is a 17-year-old girl who also happens to be the “Perfect Killer . . .” London’s most notorious serial killer. She receives letters in a secret location and for cash she kills the person you desire the most to die.  Her trademark? Leaving the letter she received alongside the dead body.

Kit has five rules she lives by but when a kill hits closer to home instead of running away, Kit considers it a challenge and changes her life and everyone around her.

This wasn’t a completely bad book but it also didn’t wow me. Kit is a boring serial killer. She is because that is all she lives for (beyond keeping up appearances at school). The interesting part is she was trained by her mother, who was/is a serial killer. I thought that was a really cool spin but the author didn’t do nothing really big with it other than the fact that her mother was a hard ass when it came to Kit’s kills and how she was about to screw everything up.

The book was boring. The author spent a lot of time of Kit trying to be friends with one of her kills when she really didn’t need to as such. In the past she never made friends with her kills or even stalked them for the most part. I felt that, as a reader, I didn’t really know who Kit was because she didn’t come off like a person who looked for challenges. She was extremely intelligent but the moment she tried to “challenge” herself she became completely emotional and irrational. It wasn’t a good fit and it was forces.

The ending . . .  was bad. After taking the times to push through to have such a crappy as that I can’t deal.

Overall, although the concept was a good idea and the story started off good enough it fell short. 2 Pickles.