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Book Review: Soul of Smoke (Dragonsworn #1) by Caitlyn McFarland

Carina Press Published July 27, 2015
Carina Press
Published July 27, 2015

When Kai Monahan decides to help someone in need during a hiking trips with her friends, she gets caught in a battle between dragons. When one falls to her feet and transforms into a man, she does the only thing she can think of an that is pick up a sword and save his life. 

Rhys awakes to find his hero, Kai reluctantly taking care of him. Unexpectedly, Rhys brushes against her skin and is heartsworn i.e. mated.

Kai is unhappy about this to say the least and is terrified about what this means for her life. Accepting this fate means she has to leave her family and lose her freedom. What is a young girl to do? 

I finished this book upset. The ending was horrible. And it was horrible because it stopped mid thought -_- Transitions are important guys; if you do not know how to properly end a book, chapter or thought, get some help. Okay, rant done with this part.

Overall, I did enjoy this book. But I didn’t like Kai. She was a very selfish person and I was hoping that someone would put her in her place. People were too nice with her and she didn’t care for anyone but herself until she felt some sort of guilt (that didn’t feel real). The story was predictable but there was a pace about it that just kept you wanting to finish reading.

Rhys wasn’t exactly what I was expecting from a dragon. He was too much into his emotions, just like Kai. I expected him to be more grounded and likeable. Rhys was a space within the novel that didn’t make the greatest impression.

I loved the surrounding characters. They were perfect and much more entertaining than Rhys or Kai. I actually would love there to be a side story for some of the characters in this story.

There is a part two and three to this book but I am not really 100% sure I am going to purchase book two.  I want to but I don’t want to be disappointed in Kai or Rhys.

3 Pickles

Book Review: Acne, Asthma, and Other Signs You Might Be Half Dragon by Rena Rocford

Curiosity Quills Press Published Nov. 23, 2015 230 Pages
Curiosity Quills Press
Published Nov. 23, 2015
230 Pages

Allyson has really bad acne; so bad she cakes on make-up to hide it but it doesn’t stop the teasing she experiences at school. It also doesn’t help that she and her mom is constantly moving, so her friends are limited. When she meets Beth, a social outcast, she attaches to her quickly but that isn’t enough to help Allyson feel as if she doesn’t belong. 

The day before her birthday, Allyson finds out that she is part dragon and her best friend Beth is part troll.  Thinking this explains everything, Allyson doesn’t begin questioning life until Beth is accused of kidnapping a unicorn.

To prove her innocence, Allyson and Beth begin a journey to find the kidnappers and along the way find the truth about Allyson’s father. 

One of the most perfect covers I have seen in 2015. I solely picked up this book because of the cover. It was love.

Anyway, this book is for middle schoolers just getting into the fantasy genre. There is no way in the world I would recommend this for a Young Adult or an Adult because it comes off as if the author is trying too hard. So my review is purely from the standpoint of would I let my nieces read it. Bottom line is yes; I wouldn’t mind them reading it.

The author decided to take a less complicated approach with the characters especially Allyson. She took almost everything fairly easy as if being a dragon happens all the time. There wasn’t much emotion out of her until crap couldn’t have gotten worst and then she made it worst.

I didn’t really understand her relationship with her mom. I understand why she was upset at her but the relationship was non-existing; even at the end it was just horrible. I wish there was some development with that. It would have made the ending better for me.

Although I would recommend this to middle schoolers, there was too much going on. It was just condense with almost every kind of fantasy creature. I was a bit over it. I felt that there was no need to have so many. Trolls, unicorns, dragons . . . . blah.

I thought it was nice pace and I also thought it was creative. But it isn’t for adults and I am okay with that. I think this is a wonderful introduction to fantasy for kids.

3 Pickles

Book Review: The Eye of Zoltar (Chronicles of Kazam #3) by Jasper Fforde

 Hodder & Stoughton  Published April 10, 2014 401 Pages
Hodder & Stoughton
Published April 10, 2014
401 Pages

16- year-old Jennifer Strange is still running Kazam, a mystical arts management company, in which wizards are rent out for money. When the mighty wizard Shandar tells Jennifer she needs to find the eye of zoltar or pay a fee he encountered during her goodwill mission.

The problem with finding the eye of zoltar is the fact that is was last seen handing around the neck of the legendary Sky Captain Morgan who was last seen in the legendary (maybe mythical) Leviathan.

On top of this Jennifer must take the Princess of Snodd under her wing by the request of the Queen; to teach the Princess how to not be such a brat and to be humble. Believing this will be a quick mission simply to hunt for clues, Jennifer hires tour guide Addie to go through the dangerous Empty Quarter in order to reach Leviathan.

But this simple mission has Jennifer and her crew fighting a darkness no one is prepared for.

I have a love hate relationship with this series. Fforde is a talented writer; there is not a single doubt in my mind.  He is able to develop characters and throughout this series he was able to show real growth within these characters, especially Jennifer.

Jennifer is a great character throughout all three books. She is realistic despite living in a “fantasy” world,  she is smart, logical without being a jerk and she is down to earth. She has grown so much in this series and is very important in the literature world.Along with the character development, the consistent flow of the story, the creativity of this once magical world, the simplicity and complexity of this world is my top loves.

What I hate about this series is how long it goes on for. I feel that Fforde adds a lot into the novel that doesn’t necessarily need to be there. It is a lot of information, a lot of moving parts that are in the novels, especially this one. Is it bad? Yes and no. Yes because it was long. The novels are long and take a certain amount of focus to keep into it when something new is being added. No it isn’t a bad thing because there are not written badly. Fforde is a talented writer and even with all the extra it is still good . . . just a lot.

I love the creativity, I love the development of characters as well the civilization and I really love the growth.

Overall, I would recommend this read.

4 Pickles

Book Review: A Creature of Moonlight by Rebecca Hahn

HMH Books for Young Readers Published May 6, 2014 313 Pages
HMH Books for Young Readers
Published May 6, 2014
313 Pages

Marni is heir to throne but instead of living it up in royal life she lives in a garden with her grandfather–hidden away from the world because she is half dragon and half human. 

But dispute these years of life with her cripple grandfather, Marni is growing up and it is time for her to do of two things: claim the throne in which her Uncle sits and wants her dead or live with a father (a dragon) she has never met before the woods sent to capture her take over all the land.

The premise of this book drew me in. A girl who is half dragon, half human who wants to be killed by her Uncle and has no idea what her father wants to do with her.

But the book was short lived. So Marni just cares about her flowers, her grandfather and her “freedom” to go into the woods. She comes off a smart girl, who is content and doesn’t have a bad bone in her body.

Which is why I was confused when after her grandfather dies she wants to kill her Uncle. It really came out of the blue. Not to fully tell the back-story, but the Uncle is a horrible man. However, for those chapters leading up to her grandfather’s dead there is no trace of bitterness. Do not get me wrong, Marni wasn’t completely happy about her situation but to transition to nice girl to a girl pent on revenge was too fast and out of nowhere.

Another issue I had with the book was it was boring. Everything was I did this I didn’t do this I knew this. There wasn’t much action, it felt like false passion and Marni had no real personality.

Overall I was disappointed in this book. 2 Pickles

Book Review: The Last Dragonslayer (The Chronicles of Kazam #1) by Jasper Fforde

Jennifer Strange is 15 years old that runs Kazam, an employment agency for magicians. Back in the day magic was

    HMH Books for Young Readers        Published Oct 2, 2012                287 Pages
HMH Books for Young Readers
Published Oct 2, 2012
287 Pages

easy to get by but now magic is fading and modern technology is cheaper than using a spell. But one day visions and rumors begin the spread; predicting the death of the last dragon. The trick is no one knows who this dragonslayer is but what truly is know Jennifer is involved and everything is going to change.

I thought this book was whimsical and extremely creative. You begin the book of knowing about magic; knowing that Jennifer is in charge of many magicians and that things are complicated and they are broke. You understand that Jennifer is very collected and cool and a lot there are a lot of things going on, she is taking it pretty easy. She was also sarcastic, honest and just warming.  I liked that about Jennifer and I appreciate what Fforde did. She was a likeable character. . . . actually all the characters were.

The story itself wasn’t predictable. However, you weren’t left in the dark either. I wouldn’t also say there are completely blown away scenes either but that doesn’t mean the twist and turns weren’t good either. Was the book a bit slow because of it? Yes, but I am going to let that pass because it wasn’t a killjoy.

Overall this book gets 9 out of 10. I consider this book more for children 12- 14 than for young adults. Even though the main character is 15, two weeks away from 16, there was still a very “childish” feel to it. Not in a bad way it just was there.

Love, Pickles.