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Book Review: Cover Your Eyes (Morgans of Nashville #1) by Mary Burton

Zebra Published Oct. 28, 2014 400 Pages
Published Oct. 28, 2014
400 Pages

Public defender Rachel Wainwright is having a hard time. Still not over the death of her brother, she buries herself is old cases to provide those falsely imprisoned innocent. In her latest case, she is struggling for support in proving an innocent man guilty of Annie Dawson’s murder thirty years ago and homicide detective Deke Morgan is not making things easier.

But when Rachel’s digging reveals hidden secrets, she becomes an unwillingly target to a murder filled with jealously and rage.


If you never read a book about old secrets being dug up by an outsider in a small town then this would be the perfect book for you. If you have read a book in that nature, you may have a hard time with this.

So, let’s jump right into is. Predictability. The author wasn’t the most creative for most of the book. It wasn’t until the beginning of the end that things started to change and although I welcomed it, greatly, it was a bit too late for me.

The pace of the novel despite the predictability was great. The novel was detailed without being drawn out and the characters had substance to their personalities. I liked the suspense in the story and being able to see the viewpoint of the killer as well as Rachel and Deke. This book could have been much darker and the romance could have been extremely intense but as a first to this series it wasn’t bad.

I loved the complexity of family that was added to the novel. It did leave room to more details for further novels and it wasn’t done distastefully.

The predictability was my biggest and only issue. But I strongly recommend this to readers who are new to this genre or storyline.

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