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Book Review: Shadow Warrior: Based on the True Story of a Fearless Ninja and Her Network of Female Spies by Tanya Lloyd Kyi, Celia Krampien (Illustrator)

Annick Press
Published Sept. 12, 2017
64 Pages

It’s 1558, and warlords across Japan are battling for territory and control. Into this setting, Tanya Lloyd Kyi weaves the stories of three people: Mochizuki Chiyome, a young woman determined to become a ninja whose plans are thwarted by an arranged marriage; Takeda Shingen (The Tiger), a fierce warlord seeking a new weapon to outsmart his enemies; and Aki, an orphaned tavern girl whose destiny is changed by a mysterious woman.

As their stories intersect, the three characters become key players in an elaborate network of undercover female ninjas who will eventually shift the balance of power in Japan. Based on the true story of Mochizuki Chiyome and her all-female spy network.- Goodreads

*Short Review*

I really enjoyed this. I don’t know what I was expecting when I picked up this book but the amount of history and story placed in this quick read was amazing. From the beginning, you are pulled in and you don’t want to leave.

This book is detailed without being dragged out and its colorful and complicated without feeling the author is trying to do too much. My only issue with this read, is I wish it was longer.

I loved how the author moved easily between three different point of views/three different stories. But I wanted to know more about each of them. Not necessarily their past, but what they were doing presently, what happened when the world started changing. I know that this book is meant for children, specifically middle schoolers but this read opened my curiosity to Mochizuki and what women did during this time.

It really is a good starting point for anyone that is mildly interested in badass women.

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For the Kids Book Review: Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by Kate DiCamillo

Flora Belle Buckman is a cynic. She also happens to love superhero

   Candlewick Press (MA)   Published Sept. 24, 2013              155 Pages
Candlewick Press (MA)
Published Sept. 24, 2013
155 Pages

comic books, which agitates her romance writer mother. However, when Flora sees a squirrel getting sucked up by a vacuum she knows that she must do something.

Unexpected series of events begin to happen when Flora saves this squirrel’s life. I’m sure no one is prepared for.

This book was adorable. Told in words and illustrations, the reader sees the point of view from Flora and Ulysses (the squirrel; she named him).  I thought this added more to the book. It did because it wasn’t just all about Flora and how she thinks the animal can understand her and what he did for her. It was what Ulysses thought and what they did for each other.

I love how Flora is a reader and not blonde hair, with the perfect parents. Her parents are divorced but her father is in her life. Her mother is sucky . . . neglectful and selfish. Her father is weird but she loves her father and that is pretty clear.

I also love the fact that no one thought she was crazy and they believed her about Ulysses and his abilities.  It’s a breath of fresh air when I see this.

Overall the book gets 10 out of 10. It’s a quick read, zero clichés, completely creative and at the same time inspiring.



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