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The Frustrated Reader©: The Love Triangle

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The love triangle is such a complicated part of a story that authors can easily mess up. And let’s be honest, a lot of authors screw this up. So let’s start with the definition of a love triangle from Urban Dictionary, which I feel is most appropriate.

When two people both love a third person, and that third often loves them both. The object of their love may be conflicted as to whom he/she wants, and generally nobody emerges from these very happy. Love Triangles, as it is widely agreed, really f**** suck.
In most parts, I don’t have an issue with love triangles but they are being over used in almost all stories and it is the same scheme. For instance, the girl is in love with the newbie but her male best friend is the one that love her the most and she leads him on because she really doesn’t want to break his heart because she really doesn’t love him like that anymore. This is done in the reverse, with wolves and vampires, humans and fairies whatever the author feels like creating.
The love triangle doesn’t need to be predictable if you are going to use it. Nor does the girl, boy or whatever creature being used need to experience insta love or do they need to have the worst personalities to be found on earth. The worst personalities include: no personality, I get everything I want and will continue to do so personality, my parents are dead/hate me/ don’t care about me and I hate the world but not really personality etc. . . . I can go on and on about this. But I won’t.
No every book requires a love triangle to make it interesting. The best friends can be together without a dark stranger showing up out the blue. The protagonist can choose the new person, without feeling guilt or the protagonist doesn’t have to choose anyone and go about their merry way.
As stated before this issue isn’t the love triangle itself but more so how it is done. Crap happens and sometimes (although it may be rare as a teenager) you fall for more than one person. The best way to do a love triangle is to not do it. If you are on a writing path of the protagonist having to choose between two people who are completely polar opposites, then stop. Please let it go.
I do not need another three part book over someone who cannot make up their mind and enjoys leading people on.
BUT in the event that you still do it anyway, give your characters some substance . . . please.

Book Review: An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Razorbill Published April 28, 2015 446 Pages
Published April 28, 2015
446 Pages

After losing her grandparents and with her only brother sent to jail for treason, Laia does the unthinkable . . . become a slave in order to spy on the Empire’s military academy and in return her brother will be freed. 

Freedom is something Elias, an unwilling but finest soldier of the Empire, wants more than anything.  When Elias and Laia realize that their fates are joined, the two begin to change the empire as they know it.

This was a long read. But I stayed up til 2 a.m. to finish it. It was worth it but by the skin of its teeth.

Laia has no common sense and for most of the book she is this fragile girl and then when she realized she was completely screwed over it was like a switch went off and she became a slight bad ass. My issue with this is there was no progress in her character. Yea, she can take some pain and yes that made her mentally strong but she wasn’t the brightest thing in the shop. Also for the most part she was boring. If it wasn’t for the fact that everyone wanted a piece of her she would have lost my interest sooner.

Elias was a interesting character because he really wasn’t sure what role should he play. Should he kick everyone’s ass in order to become the emperor in order to make change or should he complain and try to leave or should he fall for his best friend? I understood the dilemma and I applaud the author for his complexity but it went on for way too long in the 446 pages.  But I did like Elias better than Laia.

Another issue I had with this book . . . the love triangle. . . . . not necessary; not even close.

There was predictability in this book.

There was too much downtime and too much whining in this book.

However, I finished and liked this book. Tahir (the author) has a way of captivation. Not the ‘I can’t turn my face away from a train wreck’ but she weaves the words in a way that is almost like television. I love and appreciate that so much.  The imagery in this book was wonderful and it is what tied everything together.

Finally, although I liked this book something isn’t fully clicking with me and I can’t be sure if I will read book two (duh there is a book two). It took me a day after reading this book to process it and something still isn’t generating in my heart with this book. Not because there isn’t passion, not because there isn’t love. Maybe its the characters? *shrugs* I will give it time.


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NetGalley Review: Sea of Stars (Kricket #2) by Amy A. Bartol

47North Published March 31, 2015 291 Pages
Published March 31, 2015
291 Pages

This series has some amazing book covers!

So Kricket is the most wanted woman alive. She is slowly understanding and finding out she is more powerful than she or Trey thought. 

Now on the planet Ethar, Kricket is a target to both the Rafe and the Alameeda house. But when a vision comes in the form of danger, Kricket must decide if her gift of seeing the future will allow her to change it or suffer at the inevitable. 

If you didn’t read my review of the first book check it here.

I picked up book two because I was interested in seeing character development. There was some development. Kricket wasn’t as annoying as she was in the first novel and her relationship with Trey although seemed to come from the heart really felt like lush. Every time she was upset at something she would look at Trey and think “how hot is he” and then she would completely forget what she was thinking.

I felt that throughout the book you really felt that Kricket, Trey and all of them were just teenagers. Although they were good at what they did you can really tell their age.

The pace of the novel was good. I was able to finish it without too much pausing but could I have said it was a good novel? It was okay. It was better than the first one but it was still lacking. Passion, even a fierce desire would have really made the book . . . the series for that matter.


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NetGalley Review: Ever Darkening by Janeal Falor

Chardonian Press  Published Jan. 22, 2015 260 Pages
Chardonian Press
Published Jan. 22, 2015
260 Pages

Kaylyn has been trained her whole life to defeat evil and at 17 years-old, she has her chance to do it.  Once Kaylyn has defeated the ultimate evil eliminating all evil in the world a new problem arises in another town and they desperately need her help.

But the cost of helping this town threats the existence that her people have been fighting for as well as her friendship and a love she didn’t know existed.

I can deal with love triangles as long as they make some kind of sense. The love triangle in this story didn’t make sense. But I do give the author credit for what she did with it at the end.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I didn’t like this book. Kaylyn does not have a single shred of personality. All she knows is the best friend she is in love with and her missions. She is plain jane and not in the sense of looks but personality and development.

What pissed me off was how she was only willing to move forward with the “love” she was feeling  for the sake of the mission. She wasn’t doing it because she felt it was right and that she deserved to be happy. Oh no she did it for the mission.

I also was pissed of at the best friend. You’re telling me that you’re in love with her as much but lead her friend on and then want to claim self-righteousness once you admit how you feel? Man, no.

I felt that there could have been a lot more passion, energy coming from all of these characters. I love the idea and the concept of this book; a necessary evil. But I felt it lacked the drive needed to prove this point.


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NetGalley Review: Love, Edy by Shewanda Pugh

Razor's Edge Published June 24, 2014 310 Pages
Razor’s Edge
Published June 24, 2014
310 Pages

Edy Phelps has fallen hard for her best friend Hassan but if those feelings aren’t complicated enough, due to family traditions Hassan will grow to marry the woman his family chooses and forget all about Edy. 

But what Edy doesn’t know is that Hassan can’t forget about her. Thus creating a whirlwind of issues for surrounding friends and their families who have been friends for generations. 

Awesome cover. Seriously, beautiful cover and title. It leaves a lot to the imagination as if we will meet this amazing dancer who falls in love with her best friend.

Sadly to say there wasn’t much going on in the dancing world for Edy. The focus was less on dancing as it was to why she is constantly jealous of Hassan’s interaction with girls.

For once, it felt like I was reading a YA book. The entire plot was very childish and boring. There was no depth to Edy or Hassan. She was focused on Hassan and when she decided not to deal with it, she kept letting herself be trapped right back into it. Hassan was a selfish man. He liked Edy and couldn’t stand her not speaking to him or her speaking to someone else. So he would be extremely aggressive to get her attention or to make his point clear.

Edy was also a jerk herself which surprised me because for most of the book she was actually a nice girl boring but nice. But she proved to be almost like Hassan when it came to things she didn’t want to deal with or was frustrated.

I couldn’t stand the love triangle. It was forced and almost completely one sided.

What I liked about this book was the diversity. I cannot turn away from a book that actually shows someone other than a white female as the lead.

I wish the author took more time to develop personalities, excitement and not just a back and forth between kids.

Overall, this could have been so much better.

2 Pickles.



Book Review: Between The Spark and The Burn (Between # 2) by April Genevieve Tucholke

Dial Published Aug. 14, 2014 320 Pages
Published Aug. 14, 2014
320 Pages

River West Redding has left Violet in her lonely world. With his brother Neely, Violet is left to worry about the boy that shattered her world that is until one early morning, they hear a radio feed about a town experiencing strange events.

Immediately, they go in search for answers and in search of River. But it isn’t long before the find danger or a secret that can destroy Violet and Neely’s relationship. 

Here is the review for book one.


I try to give certain books a second chance by reading the second book. This action bit me in the ass with this book.

Violet is a depressing girl with almost zero personality and wouldn’t understand the difference between love and sick torment if it punched her in the face. I have to give her slight slack because she is young but she doesn’t get much. I also didn’t care of Neely. Both characters lack a personality and a spark of life.

The title of the book is wonderful as well as the cover but it does nothing to enhance the writing in this book.  It was slow, it was all over the place and it lacked a better purpose. Violet doesn’t understand love. She tries to find River because he gave her attention in a way she never had.

It is rough to read a book like this when you know there isn’t any personal development.  Reading this book was hard and it was almost a DNF.

Overall, no.

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Book Review: A Midsummer Night’s Scream by R.L. Stine

Ummm let’s just say this isn’t what I expected from the master of horror.

       Feiwel & Friends    Published July 2, 2013                250 Pages
Feiwel & Friends
Published July 2, 2013
250 Pages

Claire has the perfect life; her family owns a movie company (although on the brink of bankruptcy) and she has an amazing best friend Delia (who is the perfect image). The only snag in Claire world is Jake, the boy she is in love with loves Delia and Delia loves Shawn (Jake’s best friend) who is in love with Claire.

Although Claire and Delia are trying to get the attention of their boys of choice they are also trying to launch their movie career by staring in the remake of Mayhem Manor. Mayhem Manor is a haunted house in which three teenagers making a movie died accidently. Claire’s family owned movie company is trying to remake it when you guessed it accidents begin to happen and people begin to die.

This book had so much potential it was dripping from the pages. But R.L. Stine dropped the ball big time. This book was nothing I would ever recommend. There was no personal struggle. All Claire cared about was getting the boy she liked to like her back; when things starting getting weird it affected none of the teenagers. A costar died and you’re going to the cheesecake factory -.- or you’re making corny jokes after you beat the bad guy.

The book was cheesy and it was poorly written. You cling on and keep reading because it’s R.L. Stine and you’re hoping for the big horror of the book. But the biggest horror was how the crappy the characters were and their lack of substance.

The only good thing about the book was the idea itself, not the Shakespeare part because it was really unnecessary.  The idea of a movie company remaking a movie in which real deaths take place in a haunted mansion was pretty cool.

Overall, the book gets 4 out of 5. Sorry Mr. Stine but you fell short on this one big time. Also i really really think the Shakespeare aspect was completely completely unecessary.


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