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NetGalley Review: Siren’s Fury (The Storm Siren Trilogy #2) by Mary Weber

Thomas Nelson / HarperCollins Published June 2, 2015 352 Pages
Thomas Nelson / HarperCollins
Published June 2, 2015
352 Pages

If you haven’t read the first book, check out my review for it here.

Nym has defeated evil and saved Faelen or at least so she thinks. When the battle is over Nym discovers that Draewulf has taken over the body of the man she loves and he has taken her powers. 

Nym is offered a new power, something she could never imagine but there are secrets to the new power and to the person willing to give it her.

Can Nym change history again or is she simply falling into a trap?

*Short Review*

I enjoyed the first book. I thought it was okay and had a lot of potential to being a really good series. However, after reading this second book I don’t believe that anymore.

Nym is a ball of depressing mess that makes the book extremely slow and hard to get into. I honestly thought that she would be a bit more grounded maybe sure of herself but nope that isn’t there. Her entire life (which I should have caught in the first book) is about her powers and this guy she loves. When both are taken away she has no idea who she is or for that matter who she really was. But she doesn’t really go out and try to find this out. She finds an alternative because she can’t live being a human and without her man.

I felt that the author did a really good job adding details to the setting, character features, the plot and emotional turmoil. I just couldn’t get past Nym. I understand depression and experiencing lost and being lost but man that girl didn’t even try.

The book was okay. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first one. The lack of character development was too much to overlook despite the twist and turns within this book.

2 pickles


NetGalley Review: Storm Siren by Mary Weber

Thomas Nelson / HarperCollins Published Aug. 19, 2014 320 Pages
Thomas Nelson / HarperCollins
Published Aug. 19, 2014
320 Pages

Nym is a slave that no one wants. As a Elemental that usually is only reserved for men, Nym is not only dangerous but rare.

When a court adviser sees who Nym really is, she is bought and has a choice to be trained as a secret weapon to defend her hometown Faelen or to be killed. Valuing her life, Nym begins training and is placed into a world full of betrayal, politics and evil she has never heard of. 

Can Nym really kill in the name of war as she is trained to do?

This was an interesting read. I really loved the fact of a “Storm” (from X-Men) character.  Nym is a very powerful character who is human as in her emotions.

She has a conscience, a very large one which in a lot of causes messes things up frequently. I liked that part of her to a certain extent; after a while it got really annoying.

My biggest issue with Nym was the “I can’t do it” syndrome she has all the way til the end of the book. You are the most powerful Elemental in that world, and has proved it on more and one occasion and yet you really doubt yourself even at the risk of your friends lives, and the person you love? WOW.

Another issue I have is the almost love triangle. The author cut it short but there was crazy hints that there was a triangle and that really would have killed the book. Yes, a guy and a girl can be friends but there is a line between friendly flirting to annoy someone and I really mean it flirting.

As for the writing, the author kept my attention throughout the entire book. I loved the pace of it and the ins and out despite some of my issues with Nym.

Oh! I didn’t like the ending.

Overall, I enjoyed this read. 3 Pickles.