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NetGalley Review: Midnight by Eve Eschenbacher

Booktrope Published May 4, 2015 Ebook
Published May 4, 2015

It is Karen’s last year of high school and with her best friend, she just wants to enjoy life and feel alive. When she meets the new boy Gabriel at a party, she can’t keep her eyes off him nor can he.

After he writes his number on her skin in ink that seems to glow, Karen is introduced to a world that she couldn’t have imaged. But with this new exposure comes questionable trust and love that Karen may not be ready for.

Let’s cut to the chase. This book was a bit of a mess. Therefore, this will be a short review.

Karen should not be 17 years old nor should this book have been a high school setting.  Karen nor Gabriel was written for a high school setting; their mentality just wasn’t there and it was hard to take either one of them serious.

The story-line got confusing midway through the book. Confusing because the author was just doing too much with the alternate reality. Because of this the story felt inconsistent and honestly all over the place.

However, I was able to finish the book. The author has talent and was able to keep me interested to see what happen next to Karen and Gabriel. But their relationship was immature and it lacked depth.  To say what they really felt for each other was love is hard.


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