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Book Review: Treasure, Darkly (Treasure Chronicles #1) by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

Curiosity Quills Press Published Feb. 15, 2015 289 Pages
Curiosity Quills Press
Published Feb. 15, 2015
289 Pages

Clark Treasure assumes that the drink he stills out the pockets of a Captain is absinthe; something his mother would never allow him to drink. But the drink turns out to be chemicals that give him the ability to wake the dead.

On the run from the army, Clark turns to his father, a man he has never met, for help. Surprisingly, the family he never knew, opens their arms to him and now Clark will do anything to protect them.

When his half-sister, Amethyst is shot in the heart, he saves her unhesitatingly but that is when the real troubles begin. 

I loved the cover. It gives off a sci-fi feel; like Cowboys verses Aliens type of feel. Therefore, I was a bit excited to read this book.

However, Amethyst was such a shallow ass, that I couldn’t believe she was the leading lady in this story. From the very beginning, you are so instantly turned off and you think she will get better in personality but no she doesn’t. She is a spoiled brat that only lets up very little throughout the book.

Clark wasn’t the best character either. Something about him didn’t actually make me believe he was a boy/man that had it rough. Let me clarify that; he wasn’t believable and that as rough to swallow because I needed a break from Amethyst.

The surrounding characters, however, played their part well and I couldn’t complain so it wasn’t an issue of writing that messed up the two mains but it was just a bad choice. I enjoyed the range of emotions within the surrounding characters. Like Clark, I was surprised with how open his father and step-mother were to having him there. But I didn’t think it was a bad look either.

Although I picked up the book and was pleased with the summary, I wasn’t too happy with the story. It was predictable. The author made the shocking secret too obvious by displaying a form of romance or interest from the very beginning. I feel that this story could have been cleaned up a lot better even though it followed very well and provided some kind of excitement.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy this read.

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