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Children’s Book Review: Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin

Feiwel & Friends Published Oct. 7, 2014 240 Pages
Feiwel & Friends
Published Oct. 7, 2014
240 Pages

Rose Howard has OCD, Asperger’s syndrome and a love of homonyms. For Rose, her life revolves around homonyms. Just look at her do: Rain/Reign/Rein.

The two are rarely apart (school being the only thing), so when her Rose’s father let’s Rain out during a hurricane and she don’t come back, Rose has a fit and is determined to find her dog but in the process find that Rain wasn’t really her’s after all.

I love Ann M. Martin. That is why I picked up this book. And also the cover is really beautiful.

Despite my love of Martin, I didn’t think I would enjoy this book because it is a children’s book without a slight YA spin. But I am glad I was pleasantly surprised.

My heart ached for Rose. She was such a wonderful girl and to be honest, if it wasn’t said I really wouldn’t think she has a disability. Yes, her love of homonyms were obsessive and yes, she blurted things out in class but she was extremely smart and she knew there was a time and place for things. Not only did she know right from wrong and only wanted things to be done in the right way BUT THERE WAS ACTUAL GROWTH OF HER CHARACTER!

I cannot tell you how happy I was when I was reading this book; seeing her making choices to make a friend and do right by her best friend Rain. I also liked the character development of the father. He was a butt and I am not happy by the decision he made but it wasn’t unexpected.

Overall, I think this is a wonderful children’s book that wouldn’t mind if an adult read it. It is a coming of age novel without the BS drama and real life issues for someone trying to do right by herself and the world.

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Book Review: The Butterfly Clues by Kate Ellison

Lo (Penelope) Marin likes all things that shine and are beautiful; so

          EgmontUSA   Published Feb.14,  2012            325 Pages
Published Feb.14, 2012
325 Pages

she has a tendency to just take them especially since her family is constantly moving, she likes to have reminders of the balance where she has been.

However, it’s been a year since her brother Oren’s death and Lo has become a full blown hoarder. But when she finds a butterfly necklace at a flea market and realizes that it belonged to a girl who was murdered only the day before, Lo become obsessed with finding the girl’s killer and indirectly finding the truth about her brother’s death.

This book was a great read. It began a little weird because I honestly though the main character in the first chapter was a boy but then you quickly find out that is not the case.  What I truly loved about the book was the mystery of it. Lo has OCD and not only does she have to do things three times or even nine, she has to follow through with what she started. So when one clue led to another it was perfect. The author made you feel the need to discover the truth and there was nothing predictable about it.

I loved Lo. Although she had OCD, she wasn’t panicky and she wasn’t needy. There was a scene in which she flipped out for not doing her tap tap but there was a huge point to that and I thought it was great. Throughout the book you see Lo grow up and not try to fit in but trying to be herself with no issues. Also by the end of the book she was taking no nonsense from anyone. Lo was essentially a plain girl who was only complicated by her OCD

I also liked the romance that was in the novel. Yes, Lo does meet someone she becomes attracted too but she doesn’t let her romance stop her from what she is trying to do; solve the girl’s murder. His name is Flynt and I liked him mainly because he was so different than most male love interest. He was technically homeless but he didn’t look nor acted as such. He had blond dreads, he smiled a lot and he genuinely liked Lo. He was real down to earth and smart about Lo and just life in general.

Ellison did a great job writing the story. She created characters that balanced each other out and she made them believable. Overall this book gets 9 out of 10; true definition of a mystery.


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Book Review: OCD Love Story by Corey Ann Haydu

This book was nothing I expected and with all the hype I was disappointed.

    Simon Pulse Publishing   Published:  July 23, 2013                 352 Pages
Simon Pulse Publishing
Published: July 23, 2013
352 Pages

Bea thinks she has everything under control but she really doesn’t. She meets Beck in the middle of a black out during a school dance. Instantly she knows she wants him although she has never seen his face.  But although she knows she wants Beck, she becomes obsessed with a man, married and twice her age. He has no idea who she is (of course) and to make things even more strange has notes all about him and his wife.

Bea is slowly losing control of the reality she has created for herself. I thought Bea was great. She was outspoken and aggressive enough to not make you hate her. In the beginning of the book you don’t notice her OCD but it becomes clear as the chapters go on. I thought that was one of the best parts of the book. Everyone else has problems but her and even when her tight grip is slipping the denial is strong.

However, there was a down fall to that. The author took too long with Bea to the point the book became boring. I was bored. I expected to be a lot more going on considering that Beck has OCD, the guy she is obsessed with (which doesn’t come on til later; kind of feels like a afterthought) is constantly mentioned or shown in the book.

It was frustrating because everything the book needed was there but the author pushed and pushed. When everything did blow up I was like THANK GOODNESS!

Overall the book gets 7 out of 10. I appreciated the fact that the book brought a huge awareness to OCD and how it doesn’t have to be as visible as washing your hands eight times. Also the cover was great but so misleading.

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