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Classic Revisted: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Steinbeck Centennial Edition
Originally Published 1937
112 Pages

The compelling story of two outsiders striving to find their place in an unforgiving world. Drifters in search of work, George and his simple-minded friend Lennie have nothing in the world except each other and a dream–a dream that one day they will have some land of their own. Eventually they find work on a ranch in California’s Salinas Valley, but their hopes are doomed as Lennie, struggling against extreme cruelty, misunderstanding and feelings of jealousy, becomes a victim of his own strength.- Goodreads

Why was it banned & challenged?

In 2001 it was banned for using offensive language, racism, violence, and being unsuited to age group (Source).

I read this book when I was in high school as required reading and like most of the required reading, I didn’t like but unlike most of the required reading, I fell for this book about half way through.

This isn’t a long read. Of Mice and Men is considered more of a novella than anything and I appreciate that because anything longer would be pushing it. But beyond that can I honestly say I liked George or Lennie? No, but I loved and respected their loyalty to each other (to a certain extent) and what it represented during that time period. George did his best and unlike Glibert Grape, George was able to have other relationships/interactions while balancing his responsibilities, dreams and relationship with Lennie.

What I liked about this book was how simple it was. And what I mean by simple was how you can see the steps of what a story should consist of. You see the foreshadowing, you build to that climax and you see feel that conclusion. That flow chart you learn about in school, is exactly what I see when I read this book.

Is this book a bit slow? Slightly. But it is deep and tragic. Shakespeare would truly be proud.

Overall, it is a memorable book and not a bad movie.

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